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Accounts Management

All businesses have different level of managers who generally hold different roles and responsibilities and VoIP businesses are not an exception. In the VoIP industry, many internal professionals within an organisation take care of specific operations, which are further associated with different business entities. To make this hierarchical business model easily manageable, ASTPP introduced different accounts. Each account has its own set of features needed to take care of relevant business operations. The complete system control stays in command of the Super Admin account. The higher level accounts can assign or revoke the roles and responsibilities. This Account system helps businesses to run their VoIP business in the most professional and streamlined manner

Super Admin

  • Create, manage and Control Admin account(s)
  • Control of complete system, all accounts and all modules
  • Email Broadcasting to customers
  • And many more


  • Create and manage the system and accounts as per the assigned Permission and Role
  • Assign Roles and Permissions to Reseller and Customer Accounts
  • Email broadcasting
  • And many more

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Call Routing

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Great stories are for everyone even when only written for just one person. If you try to write with a wide, general audience in mind, your story will sound fake and lack emotion. No one will be interested. Write for one person. If it’s genuine for the one, it’s genuine for the rest.

Calling Cards

Calling card business is one of the evergreen businesses in the VoIP industry. The PINless dialing and callback services have always been in demand. To run a calling card business, it is very important to manage all entities accurately and keep the billing process fast and accurate. The ASTPP provides a comprehensive Calling Cards module to empower the calling card service providers with a widespread feature range. All actions, including bulk updates, can be done with a few clicks in a GUI based web panel, which can be accessed from anywhere, at anytime.

The ASTPP also supports reseller module to strengthen calling card businesses with affiliation and partnership.

  • Generate calling cards in bulk
  • Export calling cards in CSV format
  • Easy calling card management with PIN and card number
  • Manual configuration of calling card access number
  • Customizable introduction prompt
  • PINless authentication
  • Call detail reports
  • And many more
  • Enable / Disable ready to use playback message(s) for different options such as,
  • Current balance
  • Insufficient fund alert
  • Rate not found error
  • Invalid phone number
  • And more

DID Management

ASTPP provides a centralized DID number business management solution for retail and wholesale businesses along with a comprehensive reseller business model support. The DID management module of ASTPP supports all types of DID numbers, including, but not limited to:

  • International
  • Local
  • Premium
  • Toll Free

With the DID management module DID service provider can run his complete business with ease and flexibility.

  • DID purchase
  • DID release
  • Setup fee configuration per DID
  • DID billing
  • DID allocation to Admin / Reseller
  • DID Hold / Unhold feature
  • And many more
  • Handle DID incoming calls with different options such as,
  • DID Local
  • PSTN
  • Direct IP
  • Multiple destinations
  • And more

Call forwarding rules

  • Always
  • On busy tone
  • On no answer
  • If not registered

Invoicing and Billing

Fundamentally, ASTPP originated as a VoIP billing solution for FreeSWITCH based solutions used in retail and wholesale VoIP service providers businesses. The latest version of ASTPP continues its tradition of providing the most powerful FreeSWITCH billing solution to its users. This open source VoIP billing solution can be used with its other telephony features as well as in the form of an independent billing solution that can be integrated with any FreeSWITCH software to take benefits of advanced and smart invoicing and billing features availed in the ASTPP.

ASTPP is the first ever VoIP billing software which allows configuration of invoicing, billing and white label elements at both, main service provider aka admin account and Reseller account level. This characteristic of ASTPP allows the businesses to take and give the advantage of white label reseller services.

The billing module lets its users (admin / reseller) apply various basic settings related to invoicing and billing as well as from this module, the users can also automate the process of invoicing and billing.

Configuration of

  • One time taxations amount
  • CDR charge
  • Product subscription fee
  • Product package fee
  • DID number charge
  • Post charges
  • Invoice generation mode (Confirmed or Draft)
  • Invoice generation for accounts with no usage

Customer wise Invoice date setting

  • Due date reminder
  • Send email upon invoice generation

Reseller account level configuration for

  • Company name and address to be included in the customer invoice
  • Invoice prefix
  • DID numbers
  • Due date

Payment Gateway

ASTPP is the only VoIP platform that allows admin and its resellers to have individual payment gateway configurations for payment processing. ASTPP supports all popular payment gateways. Configure the payment method preferred by your customers to have seamless payment processing.

Let your customers recharge and top up their accounts in real time with this feature of ASTPP. Customers can also take advantage of simplified and auto payment processing options.

Admin/ Reseller:

  • Payment method integration for admin (PayPal/ Stripe)
  • Payment method integration for reseller (PayPal/ Stripe)


  • Secure payment processing with 3D secure payment processing method
  • Save multiple credit and debit cards
  • Set a default card
  • Use internet banking and wallet options for payment processing
  • Set auto recharge functionality in the account
  • Set daily limit for maximum auto recharge

Product Management

A single business can have multiple products. In fact, a single solution / service can be sold as different solutions / services by representing each with a different set of features. The ASTPP supports these types of business models which sell different products. Moreover, the ASTPP provides complete control on billing each product as well as controlling who can buy or resell which product.

  • Create multiple products
  • Product wise invoicing and billing setup
  • Add product in an existing account to apply existing invoice and billing configurations
  • Manage product orders
  • Filters to select destinations for product package
  • Product usage report
  • And many more

Create product wise

  • Package(s)
  • Subscription(s)
  • Refill
  • DIDs
  • One time and recurring billing cycle support
  • One time fee for product setup
  • Control on customer purchase allowed / disallowed
  • Control reseller allowed / disallowed to resell

Rate Groups / Tariffs

To categorize features and fees, the VoIP service providers often create rate groups and / or tariff plans. The customers can enjoy the features and get charged as per the subscribed Rate Group / Tariff. ASTPP allows users of this Smart Telephony Platform with integrated comprehensive VoIP billing solution to create, manage and control different rate groups and tariffs with its extensive range of features:

  • Create and manage rate groups / tariff
  • Free package configuration and allocation
  • Carrier / Trunk selection for outbound call routing
  • And many more

This module also provides exclusive features for Admin and Reseller users to allow account level configurations and controls to strengthen their business:

  • Configure rate group
  • Rate group assignment to reseller by admin
  • Rate group assignment to customer by reseller
  • And many more

Reports and Alerts

Reports play a very important role in business to gauge performance of the business as well as aid future business decisions. ASTPP experts understand the importance of reports and that’s why this Powerful Telephony System with an integrated comprehensive billing solution gives all required metrics arranged in a range of well formatted reports. All the reports can be exported in CSV format for further use and future references:

Summary report

  • Summary report
  • ACD (Average Call Duration)
  • MCD (Max Call Display)
  • Billable Seconds
  • Profit

Advance live call report

Live call information with details of

  • Customer
  • Call rates

Barge-in to live call
Hangup live call

  • Audit log report
  • Product usage report
  • Email history report
  • Payment report
  • Commission report
  • Low Balance Report
  • Activity Report

On the other hand, to keep you and your managers aware of new happenings and to alert you in case of suspicious activities, ASTPP provides real time alerts on occurrence of different events in your business. You can enable or disable different real time events via System Settings / Configuration module in your ASTPP account.

  • New purchase
  • Low balance
  • Recharge
  • Bill payment
  • And many more

Reseller Account

Any business can boost its growth and revenues by creating a network of resellers. The concept of reseller creates a win-win situation for both; business owners and resellers as both can grow and flourish together. We understand the need of having resellers in a business and that is why ASTPP, A Smart TelePhony Platform, has a comprehensive Reseller Module.

Both ASTPP enterprise and community version users can take advantage of using a Reseller account. The reseller module is a complete solution in itself, which lets resellers run their own business depending on the rights and solutions given by the admin. Resellers can have his/ her own network of resellers. It means a whole business network can be created and managed seamlessly using the ASTPP Reseller Account.

  • Create unlimited reseller accounts
  • Grant/ revoke access and rights to different resellers
  • Configure trunks
  • Configure termination rates
  • BDefine rate group for the reseller
  • Define a billing schedule (Monthly/ Daily)
  • Enable/ disable invoice generation
  • Review reseller call summary report
  • Review reseller call detail reports
  • White labeling of the account
  • Create rate groups and origination rates
  • Configure DIDs and Access Numbers
  • Configure products, orders, refill groups, top-ups
  • Review reports of call summary and call detail for own and reseller accounts
  • And many more

System Settings / Configurations

ASTPP provides a GUI based setting panel for super admin account to make global settings which get applied to all subaccounts. The subaccounts can make changes in the global system settings according to the granted account level access. Some settings and configurations are in complete control of the main super admin and no one can make any overlapping changes in those configurations. This module is very important to add company brand elements, invoice standards and enable different alerts to get notified in real time.

  • Global Parameters applied at the system level
  • Default country
  • Base currency
  • Time zone
  • One time taxation amount
  • Invoice
  • Payment gateway
  • Calling card parameters
  • SMS template
  • Email template
  • Integration with Homer
  • And many more

Real time Email and / or SMS Alerts for

  • Recharge
  • Bill payment
  • Low balance
  • New purchase
  • And more

Account Range

Type: Community

The ASTPP system generates an account number based on its own algorithms. With this Add-on, user can create his own range of account numbers.

Key Features

  • Override system generated account number range
  • Specify customer account number range


Type: Enterprise

Get notified with a real time alarm on the occurrence of a specific event. Monitor ongoing calls and activities to stay updated and secure for all critical events in your business. You can set multiple alarms on Trunks.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Alarms
  • Trunk specific alarms
  • Alarm report to multiple email addresses
  • Alarm reports with details of
  • Resolved alarms
  • Unresolved alarms

Get alarms on

  • Live call count
  • Gateway status
  • ASR (Answer Success Ratio)
  • ACD (Average Call Duration)
  • CIC (Count Incomplete Calls)

Country Reports

Type: Enterprise

Create country specific reports in tabular and graphical format to aid review and decision making processes.

Key Features

Country wise reports with parameters like:

  • Calls
  • Call Minutes
  • Call Cost
  • Reports with various filters
  • Graphical reports
  • Export reports in CSV format

FoIP (Fax over IP)

Type: Enterprise

Introduce efaxing for your staff or customers with the ASTPP FoIP module. The FoIP (Fax over Internet Protocol) lets you take benefit of a comprehensive eFaxing system, also known as Fax Server Solution. It supports three different modes of virtual faxing:

  • Web to Fax
  • Fax to Email
  • Email to Fax

Key Features

Web to Fax / Web2Fax:

  • Web based user panel
  • Customizable fax header
  • Upload text or file to send a fax
  • Real time rate status update (Please note: If the fax destination number prefix not allowed in your rate group then it will give an error)

Fax to Email / Fax2Email:

  • Completely integrated with the DID module in ASTPP
  • Fax forwarding to predefined email from purchased DID

Email to Fax / Email2Fax:

  • Configuration of fax email account for admin and reseller
  • Authentication by incoming email address
  • Send fax from email

Other Features:

  • Email notification on
  • Success
  • Failure
  • New fax receipt
  • Fax rating according to the assigned rate group similar to call rating
  • T.38 protocol support
  • PDF, Doc, Docx, JPEG, TIFF, file support to send fax via email to fax or web to fax
  • Integration with ASTPP invoices
  • Summary report
  • CDR

Fraud Detection

Type: Enterprise

Safeguard your business from any type of malicious, hack, fraudulence and / or unintentional attacks / misuses. This module detects all misuses and attacks on the user interface / account and ongoing calls. On detection of unusual activities which can be a potential attack / misuse of the system, the ASTPP system will alert admin and reseller in real time with email / SMS notification. Moreover, the system will take appropriate actions to protect the system from any further damages or loss.

Key Features

  • Limitless rule creation to detect fraud activities
  • Prefix based fraud detection
  • Time condition based fraud detection
  • Country based fraud detection
  • Configuration of the blocking threshold
  • Configuration of warning threshold


  • Notifications and alerts when any fraud detection rule is met
  • Alert admin with notifications when the defined threshold of warning is met
  • Destination blocking when the defined threshold of blocking is met with admin notification

International Credit Management

Type: Community

Leverage an additional layer of control over your international calling business. You can set exclusive balance allowed for international calling to a specific account. This balance is exclusively assigned for international calling and differs from the normal call balance.

Key Features

  • Assign and manage international call balance by customer
  • Assign and manage international call balance by reseller
  • Configure unlimited international prefixes


Type: Community

Expand your business reach to non English speaking countries and users or create a better relationship bond with customers that are nonnative English speakers by using multilingual add-ons. We have developed four different add-ons to support four different languages other than English. These add-ons are available to all ASTPP 4.0 users. To use these add-ons, just install any one or all four of them. As soon as you install them, the ASTPP admin, customer, reseller and sub-admin accounts will be available in multiple languages.

Supported languages

  • Spanish
  • Brazilian Portuguese
  • Russian
  • French
  • Chinese
  • German
  • Greece
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Romanian

Local Number

Type: Community

The same DID (Direct Inward Dialing) number can be shared with multiple customers to save cost on multiple DID numbers yet provide exclusive service to each customer. Increase ROI for your DID business!

Key Features

  • DID number sharing with multiple customer
  • Caller ID based call routing
  • Caller ID based customer identification for billing and service provisioning


Type: Community

All the hard work of transferring data from ASTPP to the email client is removed with this add-on. We have created an add-on to take care of this manual task automatically. This add-on will synchronize your ASTPP account with your MailChimp account. MailChimp is one of the leading Email Marketing Tools. This add-on will transfer all your new contacts saved in ASTPP to MailChimp. Also, it will make updates in the email accounts in MailChimp if any are edited in the ASTPP system. This will make sure your MailChimp account is always furnished with all the leads that you have in ASTPP and that also in the most accurate format. This results in ffective email marketing campaigning.

Key Features

  • Synchronize contact list between ASTPP and MailChimp
  • Transfer recently added contacts from ASTPP to MailChimp, everyday
  • Update the lead data in Mailchimp, based on the updates made in ASTPP

How to Configure

Here are the steps to get the required information from MailChimp:

  • We need to add MailChimp API Key and Audience Key in ASTPP to sync contacts.

To get MailChimp API Key,

  • https://login.mailchimp.com/
  • After sign up, you get API key on below Path.
  • Click on Name on Top of the right side -> Account -> Extras -> API keys (In the grid you get your API key).

To get Audience Key,

  • Navigate to the Audience tab.
  • If you have more than one audience, click the Current audience drop-down and choose the one you want to work with.
  • Click View Contacts.
  • Click the Settings drop-down and choose the Audience name and defaults.
  • In the Audience ID section, you’ll see a string of letters and numbers. This is your audience ID.
  • Once you get required information from Mailchimp, navigate to ASTPP admin portal and visit Configuration – Settings -> MailChimp and set the appropriate values.


  • We sync customers, providers, and resellers Email Address, First name, and Last name in MailChimp.
  • For Active, Inactive and Delete accounts, we manage subscribed, unsubscribed and cleaned type feature in MailChimp.


  • https://developer.mailchimp.com/documentation/mailchimp/guides/manage-subscribers-with-the-mailchimp-api/

Multi Tenant IP PBX

Type: Enterprise

A complete IP PBX solution with tenant support can be availed with this ASTPP Add-on. Start a new revenue channel with this multi tenant IP PBX solution integrated within the ASTPP system. It is provisioned with all simple to advanced features one would expect to have in an ideal Hosted IP PBX Software.

Key Features

Multi tenant support

  • Tenant wise custom domain name configuration
  • Tenant creation for each customer account

Audio Conferencing

  • Multiple conference creation
  • PIN based secure conference creation
  • Public conference creation
  • DID number wised conference usage allocation
  • DID mapping for public conferencing

Phonebook with system wide speed dial numbers for quick internal communication Feature Codes

Call Forward

  • Call forward all active
  • Call forward all inactive
  • Call forward busy active
  • Call Forward Busy Deactivate
  • Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Activate
  • Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Deactivate
  • Call Forward Toggle

Follow me

  • Follow me – activate
  • Follow me – Deactivate
  • Follow me Toggle

Call Waiting

  • Call Waiting – Activate
  • Call Waiting – Deactivate
  • Call Waiting Toggle


  • Enable DND
  • Disable DND
  • DND Toggle

Call Transfer

  • Blind Call Transfer
  • Attended Call Transfer

Call recording

  • Toggle Call Recording


  • Dial Voicemail
  • My Voicemail

Call Pickup

  • Directed Call Pickup
  • General Call Pick

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

  • Unlimited IVR menus
  • Nested IVR menus
  • Call identification activation with caller name and number prefix configuration
  • Invalid retry configuration
  • Direct dial support
  • Customizable ring back tone
  • Configurable IVR prompts

Time Condition

  • Unlimited time conditions
  • Unlimited internal call routing rule configuration as per the time
  • Create call routing rules based on time condition such as holidays, week off, etc.

Ring group

  • Unlimited ring group creation
  • Simultaneous and Sequential ring strategies
  • PIN confirmation for external agents for security
  • DID mapping to allocate DID numbers to Ring group


  • Unlimited call queues
  • Customizable Ringback tone for agents
  • Customizable Ringback tone for customers
  • Individual number configuration for agents to login and logout
  • DID mapping to allocate DID numbers to Queue

Call Recording

  • Record call prompts and upload
  • Call recording Playback
  • Download call recording

SIP Extensions

  • Configurable caller name and number
  • Voicemail (Activate / Deactivate)
  • Call recording (Activate / Deactivate)
  • Find me Follow me with Call forwarding
  • Do Not Disturb (DND) support
  • Group pickup

BLF / Presence

Number Portability Service

Type: Enterprise

DID number portability, available for MNP (Mobile Number Portability) and GNP (Global Number Portability) is one of the important functionalities. It is required in the VoIP industry to retain customer interest and healthy competition. The Number Portability is an enterprise add-on, which simplifies the whole process of number portability to provide a seamless experience to customers and providers, both.

Admin/ Reseller

  • Process number portability request
  • Enable ported number status check for customers: Approved/ Rejected/ Reverted
  • Enable ported number request actions: Accept/ Reject
  • Enable ported number process notifications


  • Send a request for number porting
  • Track the request by checking the status: Approved/ Failed/ Reverted
  • Receive notifications on the request process
  • Resubmit the request, if needed

Personalized Rates

Type: Community

Take benefit of delivering special services to a premium, new, long term or special case of customers. Create and assign a special rate created for a specific or selective customer account(s) to leverage business benefits. Ideal for giving special discount rates to the special customers!

Key Features

  • Unlimited personalized rate
  • Personalized rate creation by admin or resellers
  • Map personalized rate to selected customer account(s)
  • Override default rate with the assigned personalized rate for selected customer account(s)

Ported Number (South Africa)

Type: Enterprise

Specifically designed and developed to benefit VoIP service providers in South Africa. Add additional service of mobile and GNP number portability for numbers in South Africa as well as administer the whole arrangement.

Key Features

  • Manual GNP and MNP File upload support
  • Auto update GNP and MNP files for ported numbers from http://www.number-portability.co.za/
  • FTP configuration
  • Notification on connection failure
  • Internal table for routed number management
  • Call routing for ported numbers according to the company prefix
  • Report for ported numbers

Schedule Reports

Type: Enterprise

Automate reporting function with this add-on. Create multiple reports and schedule those to be sent automatically to predefined email address on a specific interval.

Key Features

  • Custom report creation with different filters
  • Automated email for custom and standard reports
  • Exportable CSV file

Stripe Payment Gateway

Type: Enterprise

Stripe has been a popular payment processing gateway. It has a suite of payment APIs to support all different modes of payment processing such as debit cards, e-wallets, credit cards, internet banking, etc. We have added an enterprise add-on, which will let you add stripe as another payment gateway to simplify payment processing with the preferred mode of payment for your customers.

Your clients can also choose a default card and at the same time can store multiple payment processing methods.

Key Features

  • The low balance threshold configuration
  • Auto recharge availability, if low balance threshold is reached
  • Secure auto recharge with a daily limit of allowed auto recharge
  • Opportunity to save multiple payment processing options in a single account
  • Define a default payment processing method
  • 3D secure payment processing

Support Ticket

Type: Community

Integrate a comprehensive help desk ticketing solution within the ASTPP system. This Add-on enables the complete technical support ticketing solution to let your users take benefit of raising technical support request by ease of sending an email. At the same time, the technical support operations in your business can be streamlined for better resource utilization and increased customer satisfaction.

Key Features

  • Multiple department support
  • Department allocation to admin / sub-admin
  • Email configuration for support ticket monitoring
  • Email notification on receipt of a new support ticket
  • Open a support ticket via the ASTPP customer portal
  • Open a support ticket by sending an email to a predefined department
  • Access of support tickets to reseller for all tickets raised by his customers
  • And more

Switch Monitoring

Type: Enterprise

Monitor your system for performance and security reasons in real time. Switch monitoring, also known as live FreeSWITCH system monitoring, lets you get an access to the FreeSWITCH console within your ASTPP solution, which will show the live statistics and data for

  • Registered SIP devices
  • Gateways
  • Live calls

Key Features

  • Live call graph
  • Count of live calls
  • FreeSWITCH CLI view
  • Real time report of registered
  • Gateways
  • SIP devices

Two-Factor Authentication

Type: Enterprise

Two-factor, also referred as dual-factor and two-way, authentication has become the demand of time. ASTPP knows the crucial importance of two way authentication and therefore, introduces it as one of the core features. All users of ASTPP, namely, customers, resellers, admin, and sub-users will be able to take advantage of two-factor authentication. Admin can enable it for all, and customers and resellers get an option to retain or remove the 2-way authentication to use the smart telephony platform and its solutions.

Key Features

  • An added layer of security
  • Two way authentication via OTP
  • Global two way authentication setup by admin
  • Disable/ Enable two factor authentication option for customers and resellers
  • Block a user on the failure of predefined maximum login attempts


Type: Enterprise

Empower your business with WHMCS features integration

Key Features

Create customer from WHMCS by purchasing the product with various configurations

  • Define Account Type (Prepaid, Postpaid)
  • Allocate Initial Balance
  • Allocate Credit Limit for Postpaid customers
  • Default Tariff Plan
  • Enable/Disable permissions for IP Management, Call Recording, and Local Calls
  • Invoice Configurations
  • Easy Customer management (Suspend, Unsuspend and Terminate) from WHMCS
  • Recharge Customer account using WHMCS Product
  • Invoice synchronization between WHMCS and ASTPP
  • Extend payment options by using any WHMCS supported payment gateway

Rate Simulator

Type: Enterprise

To calculate the call cost based on assigned configuration to the customer account.

Key Features

  • Admin can verify the configured routing
  • Customer portal having access
  • Caller can get idea of charges breakdown priorly

Automated Report

Type: Enterprise

The reports; Generated based on selectively configured params for various modules.

Key Features

  • Thoroughly configurable and flexible to receive the report without less required details
  • Receive the reports after configurable interval recursively
  • Ease of pause and resume the configured reports

Demand Based Routing

Type: Enterprise

Diverse rate applications for the same destination based on the time of day

Key Features

  • Pick-Off Pick hours based rate management
  • Holiday based rate management
  • Possibility of increment as well as decrement of rates

Quality Based Routing

Type: Enterprise

To calculate and prioritize the routing amongst multiple providers.

Key Features

  • Configurable algorithms to judge the quality of provider
  • Uniform opportunity to all the providers before judging the quality
  • Ease of application to account via Rate Group

Shadow Billing

Type: Enterprise

A compromised hidden calculated billing, to survive the cut-throat competition in the VoIP market and to fulfill unreasonable requests to retain clients

Key Features

  • Flat disconnection fee
  • Disconnection fee after X seconds
  • X seconds to consider as 60 seconds/1 Minute

Access Control

Type: Enterprise

Portal and APIs access allow and/or block list for various entities

Key Features

  • Protect Against Unwanted Visitors
  • Portal access allowance/restriction based on origin IP
  • API access allowance/restriction based on origin IP


Type: Enterprise

Terminal based service and system runtime logs over admin portal

Key Features

  • Without terminal access or knowledge admin can go through the live logs
  • Without page reload logs can be scrollable
  • Easy search to have eye on exact keyword from the logs

Voice Broadcast Enterprise

Type: Enterprise

Voice broadcasting is a mass communication technique which you lets you send automated calls to a large number of people at once.

Key Features

  • Option to upload multiple destination number CSV sheet.
  • Give option to upload IVR(Play File) for perticular voice broadcast.
  • Real time status.
  • Reflect call type in CDRs.
  • Track status report of voice broadcast calls.
  • Set CC for send bunching of calls.
  • Separate Report for Voice Broadcast.

Click To Call

Type: Enterprise

To configure calling access for third party software or customer.

Key Features

  • Easily integrate in any platform ex: CRM or any website.
  • Customer and agent(sip device extension) connect directly.
  • Allow only selected white listed IP only.
  • User friendly CURL URI to configure any where.


Type: Community

Open-Source connective interface to commute with ASTPP.

List Of API Admin Side

  • SIP Device [Create + Delete + List]  
  • IP Setting [Create + Delete + List]  
  • Customers [Create + Delete + List]  
  • DID [Create + Delete + List + Assign]  
  • Rate Group [Create + Delete + List]  
  • Origination Rates [Create + Delete + List]  
  • Product [ Create + Delete + List]  
  • Termination Rates [Create + Delete + List]  
  • Gateways [Create]  
  • Trunk [Create] 
  • Customer Call Detail Summary Report [ List ]  
  • Notifications [ List ] 

List Of API Customer Side

  • Login 
  • Signup  
  • OTP Verify 
  • Sip Device [Create + Delete] 
  • IP Setting [Create + Delete] 
  • DID [DID Purchase ] 
  • Reports -> CDRS -> List

Advance Sip Routing

Type: Community

Advance Sip Routing can allow fail-over on main extension based on hang-up cause.

Key Features

  • Call forwarding- If the other sip device wants to forward the call to another sip device number, then customer will enable the call forward and select sip device.
  • No answer- If the other sip device will not answer the call and suppose the no answer field is enabled and forwarded to another extension it will redirect the call there.
  • On busy- Suppose the customer dials the number which is already on call but it can be routed on another extension if the call is busy somewhere else.
  • Not registered – In case the number we tried to call is not registered on the destination side and if this feature is enabled then the call will route to that extension.

Ring Group

Type: Community

Ring group is a group of extensions (SIP Devices) that you want to call at the same time when someone call DID number.

Key Features

  • Make Sequence call on multiple extensions at the same time. 
  • Make Simultaneous calls on multiple extensions at the same time.
  • Set Time-out on each extension.

Automated CDRs

Type: Community

The reports generation is based on selectively configured interval type and unit for the Call Detail Summary Report Module

Key Features

  • Easy to pause and resume the configured reports for call details
  • Receive the reports after a configurable interval recursively
  • Receive the weekly report based on the starting day of the week.
  • Ability to configure the email template to admin 

Voice Broadcast

Type: Community

Voice broadcasting is a mass communication technique which lets you send automated calls to a large number of people at once.

Key Features

  • Option to upload multiple destination number CSV sheet. 
  • Give option to upload IVR (Play File) for particular voice broadcast. 
  • Real time status
  • Reflect call type in CDRs