Top 5 amazing features of class 4 softswitch

#1. Security provisioning 

It's security provisioning ensures robust protection of VoIP networks, employing advanced encryption and authentication mechanisms to safeguard against unauthorized access.

#2. WLR customer support 

It offers top-notch WLR customer support, providing comprehensive assistance and ensuring smooth operations and prompt resolution of any service-related queries or issues.

#3. Failover and load balancing 

It ensure high availability and seamless continuity of VoIP services by automatically redirecting traffic in case of network disruptions or hardware failures.

#4. Blacklist 

It empowers administrators to safeguard their networks against security threats and fraud by blocking phone numbers, IP addresses, or ranges known for malicious activities.

#5. Whitelist   

It allows to create a trusted list of phone numbers, IP addresses, or ranges, ensuring priority access and routing privileges for authorized entities, thus enhancing call quality.

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