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ASTPP Add-ons

The ASTPP system generates an account number based on its own algorithms. With this Add-on, user can create his own range of account numbers.
Get notified with a real time alarm on the occurrence of a specific event. Monitor ongoing calls and activities to stay updated and secure for all critical events in your business. You can set multiple alarms on Trunks.
The reports; Generated based on selectively configured params for various modules.
Portal and APIs access allow and/or block list for various entities
Advance Sip Routing can allow fail-over on main extension based on hang-up cause.
The reports generation is based on selectively configured interval type and unit for the Call Detail Summary Report Module
Create country specific reports in tabular and graphical format to aid review and decision making processes.
To configure calling access for third party software or customer.
Diverse rate applications for the same destination based on the time of day
Introduce efaxing for your staff or customers with the ASTPP FoIP module. The FoIP (Fax over Internet Protocol) lets you take benefit of a comprehensive eFaxing system, also known as Fax Server Solution. It supports three different modes of virtual faxing:
Safeguard your business from any type of malicious, hack, fraudulence and / or unintentional attacks / misuses. This module detects all misuses and attacks on the user interface / account and ongoing calls.
Leverage an additional layer of control over your international calling business. You can set exclusive balance allowed for international calling to a specific account.
Community The same DID (Direct Inward Dialing) number can be shared with multiple customers to save cost on multiple DID numbers yet provide exclusive service to each customer. Increase ROI for your DID business!
Terminal based service and system runtime logs over admin portal
Expand your business reach to non English speaking countries and users or create a better relationship bond with customers that are nonnative English speakers by using multilingual add-ons.
All the hard work of transferring data from ASTPP to the email client is removed with this add-on. We have created an add-on to take care of this manual task automatically.
A complete IP PBX solution with tenant support can be availed with this ASTPP Add-on. Start a new revenue channel with this multi tenant IP PBX solution integrated within the ASTPP system.
DID number portability, available for MNP (Mobile Number Portability) and GNP (Global Number Portability) is one of the important functionalities.
Specifically designed and developed to benefit VoIP service providers in South Africa. Add additional service of mobile and GNP number portability for numbers in South Africa as well as administer the whole arrangement.
Take benefit of delivering special services to a premium, new, long term or special case of customers. Create and assign a special rate created for a specific or selective customer account(s) to leverage business benefits.
To calculate the call cost based on assigned configuration to the customer account.
Stripe has been a popular payment processing gateway. It has a suite of payment APIs to support all different modes of payment processing such as debit cards, e-wallets, credit cards, internet banking, etc.
Integrate a comprehensive help desk ticketing solution within the ASTPP system. This Add-on enables the complete technical support ticketing solution to let your users take benefit of raising technical support request by ease of sending an email.
Automate reporting function with this add-on. Create multiple reports and schedule those to be sent automatically to predefined email address on a specific interval.
A compromised hidden calculated billing, to survive the cut-throat competition in the VoIP market and to fulfill unreasonable requests to retain clients
Monitor your system for performance and security reasons in real time. Switch monitoring, also known as live FreeSWITCH system monitoring, lets you get an access to the FreeSWITCH console within your ASTPP solution,
Two-factor, also referred as dual-factor and two-way, authentication has become the demand of time. ASTPP knows the crucial importance of two way authentication and therefore, introduces it as one of the core features.