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Calling Card Solution

Fabricate Your Own Calling Card Business with a Reliable,
Robust, and Secure Calling Card Software Solution.

Long distance and international calling have increased due to dispersing geographical boundaries. From business tours to studying abroad, taking international tours, and so many other user traits and factors have increased the need for a reliable and cheap international calling solution. This has increased the demand for calling card solutions. 

Our calling card software simplifies embarking on the calling card business and growing in leaps and bounds for providers. We have the most competitive and feature rich platform for calling card providers to aid them to define diverse rate cards and run different types of businesses to stand out in the competitive market. From generating prepaid and postpaid calling cards to managing these cards, adding and removing different features, billing customers, and multiple other jobs can be managed using this solution. 

Assure high call quality and hassle free services to your clients with this robust calling card solution. 

Foremost Feature of Calling Card Software

Access Number Management

Calling card Access Number Management is a crucial aspect of any calling card service. It involves the proper management and administration of the unique phone numbers that customers use to access the service. This includes assigning and maintaining access numbers, ensuring they are secure and protected against fraud, and monitoring usage patterns to identify areas for improvement. Effective access number management also requires accurate record-keeping of all access numbers and associated customer data, such as call volume and billing information, for cost management and service optimization. Ultimately, efficient access number management is essential for providing a reliable, high-quality calling card service. 

Access Number Management

Prepaid / Postpaid Cards with

PIN Based Dialing

Add an added security step to ensure your customers use the calling card facility only after authentication. They have to dial a predefined PIN to use features of prepaid or postpaid calling cards.

PINless Dialing

PINless Dialing

Let your prepaid and postpaid customers enjoy an unbounded calling experience with a PINless dialing facility. They don’t need to remember and use a PIN to use their calling cards for long distance calling at cheap rates. 

More Than Just Calling

Our calling card solution has several fascinating features to offer along with flawless calling. 

Manage Accounts

Manage prepaid and postpaid accounts with a single system. 

Reseller Management

Boost your business reach and revenue by making a reseller network. 

Rate Management

Define unlimited and alluring rate cards and manage them within a system. 

Routing Management

Automate management call routing to make your business more attractive.

Voucher Management

Create and manage unlimited vouchers and enjoy their perks. 

Real Time Monitoring

Monitor different aspects of your calling card business with live stats. 

Inbuilt IVR

An inbuilt IVR is a feature built into a system that allows users to make calls. 


Stay worry free from major security threats and hack attempts. 

Real Time Billing

Stay profitable by restricting clients from reaching negative balances.

Inbuilt IVR

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Realtime Accurate Calls Billing


Speed Dial

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Voucher Recharge

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Customer Summary Report

Extensive Detail and Summary Reports

Expand your solution with readymade addons

Help desk

Streamline managing technical support requests and track productivity with this system

fraud Detection

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Benefits of Calling Card Solution

Quick to launch

Quick setup and installation to start your business instantly.

Reduce Expenses

An intuitive software solution with automation helps you save money.

Informed Decision

Make informed decisions by using real time and historic reports.

Excellent Features

Impress your clients with wide ranging features with cheap calling.

Expand Reach

Run business internationally with a multilingual platform and resellers.

Accurate Billing

An inbuilt billing system will accurately bill clients to retain trust.

Why Choose ASTPP For Calling card Solution

Our cutting-edge Calling Card Solution, designed to revolutionize the way you communicate. Our feature-rich platform offers a seamless and cost-effective solution for individuals and businesses seeking international calling capabilities. Enjoy crystal-clear voice quality and competitive rates, allowing you to stay connected with loved ones or conduct business worldwide. Our user-friendly interface ensures hassle-free card creation, management, and usage, empowering you with full control and flexibility. With advanced features like PINless dialing and balance tracking, our Calling Card Solution simplifies the calling experience, saving you time and effort. Say goodbye to expensive long-distance charges and embrace the convenience and affordability of our Calling Card Solution and this is a reason of increasing a demand of calling card solution. Join thousands of satisfied customers and unlock a world of global communication possibilities today.


What Customers Say


A calling card is a popular long distance calling solution, which is used by consumers for cheap international calling. The call rates offered by calling cards are way cheap because they use SIP technology for calling. Moreover, it gives the flexibility of using one’s own mobile device, which makes it more popular. The calling card software is used to manage this whole business of international calling cards. 

Yes, our calling card solution can be globally used. Moreover, it supports multiple languages, so you can use it in different languages to expand your own team or reseller network even in non-English speaking countries. 

Yes, this functionality can be enabled to ensure that the system plays the cost per minute for the selected destination before making a call.

Yes, you can manage calling cards in bulk and individually based on your requirement. 

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