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Build a positive and sustainable brand by implementing a STIR SHAKEN certificate. To combat the nuisance of robocalls, let your clients take advantage of STIR/SHAKEN Solution that prevent caller ID spoofing.

We provide a tailored STIR/SHAKEN VoIP solution.

Stir/Shaken Solution

Augment Customer Experience by Implementing FCC STIR/SHAKEN Protocols

Caller ID spoofing software alters the caller ID displayed on a phone call with malicious intent. Firstly, attackers spoof a phone call to increase the likelihood of receipt of the call leading to the execution of fraudulent activities. Implementation of correct STIR/SHAKEN FCC regulation driven authentication mechanism can help you prevent illicit robocalls and block each call from a fake number. It is necessary to implement STIR/SHAKEN call authentication because there is a clear lack of a trusted system for tracing a spoofed phone number. 

Combat Fraud Attacks

STIR/SHAKEN call authentication helps in identifying potential fraud calls and alerts customers to combat these types of attacks and potential harm.

Reduce Robocalls and Illicit Calls

SHAKEN STIR trusted calling ensures that unlawful calls, whether robocalls or caller ID spoofing, are controlled to amplify security.

Establish Customer Trust

Use STIR/SHAKEN call authentication to deliver reliable and secure communication services to win and reestablish the trust of your clients.

Increase Call Engagement

Let businesses get rid of the consequences of malicious spoofing of a phone call to increase call reach and engagement to boost their business.

Understanding STIR/SHAKEN VoIP Solution

STIR (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited) and SHAKEN (Secure Handling of Asserted Information using tokens) are security protocols that impose a more reliable and secure system to resolve concerns related to calls from a fake number like robocalls and caller ID spoofing. 

To address the rising issues of unsolicited calls within service provider networks, the industry has introduced two pivotal standards: STIR and SHAKEN. These frameworks mandate that every SIP-signaled call comes with an appended certificate of authenticity, essentially, a digital signature. This mechanism empowers service providers to authenticate caller IDs to combat the concerns of calls from a fake number. Through the implementation of FCC STIR/SHAKEN protocols, service providers can reinforce the confidence of their end-users in the legitimacy of displayed caller IDs.

Our Services to Implement STIR/SHAKEN VoIP Solution

We help telephone service providers to successfully implement a set of FCC STIR/SHAKEN protocols with our wide ranging services. The VoIP service providers can authenticate and sign each call digitally that originated from their networks. Moreover, they can verify caller ID and authenticate each call received in their networks to provide more secure and reliable services to their customers. Our STIR/SHAKEN FCC solution is designed to comply with the standard enforced by the FCC and Congress. Similar to FCC STIR/SHAKEN protocols, we can help you implement STIR/SHAKEN caller ID authentication solutions as per the regulations and legislation of any other country. 

Call ID Spoofing


We provide consulting to design STIR SHAKEN call flow and implementation of the STIR/SHAKEN certificate with our expertise.


We deploy a SHAKEN STIR trusted calling solution based on your custom call flow, country legislation, and other driving factors.

End-to-end solution

We help in developing and implementing STIR/SHAKEN certificates and provide ongoing support based on your requirements.

Hire a Developer

You can hire a developer to manage on-demand jobs related to the implementation of STIR/SHAKEN VoIP protocols and certificate.

Working Model of STIR/SHAKEN Call Authentication

STIR/SHAKEN Call Authentication

STIR SHAKEN VoIP is a mechanism that defines the STIR SHAKEN call flow. The whole process is automated. Therefore, once the STIR SHAKEN certificate is implemented, VoIP service providers or customers don’t need to make any additional arrangements or take added steps.

The working model of STIR SHAKEN caller ID authentication solution is simplified for you here.

Protect Your Clients from the Adverse Effect of Call Spoofing Software

An increasing influx of robocalls and spoofed calls is raising distrust in VoIP calling service providers. This causes a severe adverse impact on service providers and the whole industry. Implementation of SHAKEN STIR trusted calling services with adherence to STIR SHAKEN FCC regulations can help you win your clients and their trust back. 

Using STIR SHAKEN call authentication solution, you can show who is actually calling: A genuine caller or a potentially spoofed call coming from a call spoofing system. You can also immediately reject and block a call from a fake number to protect your clients and make your network more secure and trusted. 


STIR/SHAKEN Solution Features 

Caller ID Authentication

Caller ID Authentication

Use private and public key based authentication processes to authenticate and verify caller IDs to fight back call spoofing.
Digital Signature and Call Verification

Digital Signature and Call Verification

Digitally sign each outbound call and verify each incoming call with a secure key for reliable calling and secure services.  
Call Analytics

Call Analytics

Receive details of each incoming and outgoing call along with other actionable insights with STIR SHAKEN caller ID authentication solution. 

Identity Validation

Identity Validation

Validate each caller ID with a strategic process involved with STIR SHAKEN FCC solution to verify all caller IDs reaching your clients. 



Enable tracing a call from a fake number in case of phone hijacking, spam calls, robocalls, and similar attacks to take action against them. 



Abide with each standard imposed in the compliance set by FCC and Congress in the USA or your respective country to provide lawful services. 



Implement STIR SHAKEN VoIP solution to safeguard your clients through any VoIP solution and telephony network to provide flexible services. 



Keep growing with a highly scalable STIR SHAKEN FCC solution that can handle small to large call volumes in communication networks. 



Integrate the STIR SHAKEN certificate with any telephony network and platform to leverage the advantages of this secure mechanism. 

Webinar on FCC STIR/SHAKEN Protocols

STIR/SHAKEN Call Authentication Solution

We help telephone service providers to successfully implement this suite of STIR SHAKEN caller ID authentication solutions with our wide-ranging services. The VoIP service providers can authenticate and sign each call digitally that originated from their networks. Moreover, they can also verify caller ID and authenticate each call received in their networks to provide more secure and reliable services to their customers using STIR SHAKEN call flow. Our service to implement FCC STIR SHAKEN protocols helps in making this implementation as per the legislation imposed by FCC and Congress. Moreover, we can tailor the STIR SHAKEN call authentication solution to meet regulations devised for your respective country. 

We are renowned for creating and deploying a STIR SHAKEN certificate for our clients across the globe. We provide end-to-end and on-demand services to implement a public or private STIR SHAKEN VoIP solution to consolidate security for VoIP networks and providers and prevent attacks from call spoofing software. 

Unleash the True Potential of STIR/SHAKEN Caller ID Authentication

Impress customers with trusted calling services; Abide with the legislation for smooth operations; Provide a reliable mechanism to identify a call from a fake number and simplify tracing a spoofed phone number; Make all this and much more possible with a tailored STIR SHAKEN VoIP solution. 

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STIR (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited) and SHAKEN (Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs) are algorithmic programs developed for VoIP providers and carriers to authenticate and verify the caller ID for its trustworthiness and authenticity. That means the caller ID displayed during the call is legitimate or not can be verified with STIR/SHAKEN standards. The process of authentication, verification, and validation is performed in real time to provide consolidated information about whether the caller ID is correct or spoofed.

We provide the service to generate a STIR/SHAKEN certificate that processes each incoming and outgoing call to inspect whether it is a legitimate caller ID or the spoofed one to provide more reliable and trustworthy services to customers. 

If you provide services in the USA, then it is a must to implement FCC STIR SHAKEN protocols because the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has mandated the use of the STIR SHAKEN certificate to combat call spoofing since 2020. Even if you are not providing services in the USA, it is good practice to use it because it will delight your clients by making them feel more protected and secure by using your services. It can help in protecting your network from telephone denial of service and other threats. It will also help to reduce the number of complaints and improve overall productivity and business performance. Moreover, several other countries are also joining this league to make calling services more trusted by their consumers. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in implementing SHAKEN STIR trusted calling solution. 

We provide on-demand, as well as end-to-end STIR SHAKEN services for our global clients. Simply put, from the generation of the STIR SHAKEN certificate to implementing it, using it more profoundly, and providing technical support; we have everything that you need in this regard. We can definitely help you with our STIR SHAKEN certificate implementation and deployment services. 

We provide all required services as part of our STIR SHAKEN solution, which includes the following: 

  • Development of STIR SHAKEN certificate 
  • STIR SHAKEN call flow design 
  • Deployment of FCC STIR SHAKEN protocols 
  • Technical support  
  • Development of reports and analytics as per custom requirements 
  • And more 
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