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Robocall Mitigation with Caller ID Authentication to Abide by the Law and Delighting Customers with a STIR/SHAKEN Solution.

Complete STIR/SHAKEN Solution

STIR/SHAKEN is a set of protocols that are aimed to consolidate the security of a VoIP network that provides calling services to clients. From unsolicited marketing and spam calls to fraud calls generated to trick a person, robocalls, caller ID spoofing, and all major instances of call spamming can be banished with the right implementation of the STIR/SHAKEN solution.

We help telephone service providers to successfully implement this suite of STIR/SHAKEN solutions with our wide ranging services. The VoIP service providers can authenticate and sign each call digitally that originated from their networks. Moreover, they can also verify caller ID and authenticate each call received in their networks to provide more secure and reliable services to their customers. Our STIR/SHAKEN solution also helps in making this implementation as per the legislation imposed by FCC and Congress. We help in getting and implementing STIR/SHAKEN certificates and digitally implementing them. We provide end to end and on-demand services to implement a public or private STIR/SHAKEN solution to consolidate security for the VoIP network and providers. 

STIR/SHAKEN Solution Features 

Caller ID Authentication

Use private and public key based authentication processes to authenticate and verify caller IDs to fight back call spoofing.

Digital Signature and Call Verification

Digitally sign each outbound call and verify each incoming call with a secure key for reliable calling and secure services.  

Call Analytics

Receive details of each incoming and outgoing call along with other actionable insights with STIR/SHAKEN solution.

Identity Validation

Validate each caller ID with a strategic process involved with STIR/SHAKEN solution to ensure authenticated caller ID.


Trace callers in the case of phone hijacking, spam calls, robocalls, and similar instances to take action against them.


Abide with each standard imposed in the compliance set by FCC and Congress in the USA to provide lawful services.


Use the STIR/SHAKEN solution with any VoIP solution and telephony network to provide flexible services.


Keep growing with a highly scalable STIR/SHAKEN solution that can handle any number of calls in the network.


Integrate the STIR/SHAKEN certificate with any network and platform to leverage the advantages of this secure mechanism.

Benefits of STIR/SHAKEN Solution

Simplified Management

Simplified Management 

GUI system to administer all aspects of wholesale VoIP Softswitch and business. 

High Uptime SLA

High Uptime SLA 

Enjoy the superior quality of service with an excellent service level agreement for uptime up to 99%. 



Automate various jobs from billing to monitoring to make operations efficient and cost effective. 

Multiple Call Routing Rules

Multiple Call Routing Rules 

Define business based on unique call routing strategies for diverse revenue generation. 

Save Money

Save Money 

Save upfront and ongoing costs on software and infrastructure with this C4 wholesale Softswitch. 

High Scalability

High Scalability 

Enjoy the growth of your business with the backed system support using this robust Softswitch. 

Why Choose ASTPP For STIR/SHAKEN Solution

In the dynamic landscape of the VoIP industry, staying ahead of emerging threats is crucial. Advanced spoofing techniques and sophisticated fraud schemes pose significant challenges. This is precisely why STIR/SHAKEN has become necessary in the VoIP industry. STIR/SHAKEN, an industry-standard framework, provides a robust foundation for call authentication. It verifies the legitimacy of incoming calls and ensures that they are not tampered with or maliciously spoofed. By implementing STIR/SHAKEN, the VoIP industry can adapt to evolving threats and maintain resilience against fraudulent activities. This framework enhances trust and transparency in voice communications, instilling confidence among users and enabling them to make informed decisions when answering calls. STIR/SHAKEN plays a vital role in safeguarding the integrity of the VoIP industry and protecting users from fraudulent practices.



What Customers Say


STIR (Secure Telephone Identity Revisited) and SHAKEN (Signature-based Handling of Asserted information using toKENs) are algorithmic programs developed for VoIP providers and carriers to authenticate and verify the caller ID for its trustworthiness and authenticity. That means the caller ID displayed during the call is legitimate or not can be verified with STIR/SHAKEN standards. The process of authentication, verification, and validation is performed in real time to provide consolidated information about whether the caller ID is correct or spoofed.

We provide the service to generate a STIR/SHAKEN certificate that processes each incoming and outgoing call to inspect whether it is a legitimate caller ID or the spoofed one to provide more reliable and trustworthy services to customers. 

If you provide services in the USA, then it is a must to implement STIR/SHAKEN certificate because FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has mandated the use of the STIR/SHAKEN certificate to combat call spoofing since 2020. Even if you are not providing services in the USA, it is good practice to use it because it will delight your clients by making them feel more protected and secure by using your services. It can help in protecting your network from telephone denial of service and other threats. It will also help to reduce the number of complaints and improve overall productivity and business performance. 

We provide on-demand, as well as an end to end STIR/SHAKEN solution for our global clients. According to that, we provide each type of service, from the generation of the certificate to implementing it to use it more profoundly. We can definitely help you with our STIR/SHAKEN certificate implementation and deployment of it. 

We provide all required services as part of our STIR/SHAKEN solution, which includes the following:

Generating STIR/SHAKEN certificate

Providing deployment of STIR/SHAKEN certificate into your network

Offering technical support 

Generating reports and analytics as per custom requirements

And more


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