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Multi Tenant IP PBX Solution

Govern Communication across Offices or Generate
Revenue by Managing Tenants with a Powerful Multi Tenant
IP PBX Software System.

Multi Tenant IP PBX for Seemless Communication and Collaboration

Augment your business phone system with the most advanced telephony system loaded with value added communication and collaboration features. Remove barriers caused by the plain old telecommunication system with the advanced and power packed business communication and collaboration platform.

Mobility, portability, scalability, and reliability are a few USPs of our multi tenant PBX system to name a few. Enterprise grade communication quality can help your business position a big and strong business brand. Use this technology driven IP PBX software that helps you manage and administer your tenants with ease using a GUI solution.

Govern the use of telecommunication resources to ensure fair usage of a communication system by the team and hold central control of the business telecommunication branch. A business can also construct revenue generating business by offering a reliable business phone system and hosted PBX services.

How does it work?

Create a Tenant Account 

With simple steps by filling in the required details of the account to create tenant for your customers.

Set a Personalized Domain 

Create a personalized domain for your tenants to give the advantage of branding to impress your tenants.

Set a Personalized Domain 

Delegate roles and permissions based on the subscribed package or account level to grant or revoke access to the tenants.

Multi Tenant IP PBX Software Key Features


Auto attend all incoming calls and greet your callers with unlimited IVR menu options.


Involve all major participants in a conference call to make collective decisions remotely.

Time Condition Routing

Route calls based on the time condition such as off working hours, holidays, etc.

Ring Group 

Ring all numbers in the group to ensure that each customer call is surely attended to by an agent. 

Call Queue 

Reduce call abandonment rate by putting customers in the call queue and engaging them until an agent is available. 

Call Forward 

Forward calls to the predefined executive to ensure premium customers receive exclusive services. 

Find Me, Follow Me

Make a chain of call forwarding rules to ensure the important calls are attended certainly. 

Call Waiting 

Notify your executives about incoming calls to ensure they respond back to the customer. 

Call Pickup 

Attend calls using a SIP Softphone or IP phone and use a range of call controls. 

Call Transfer 

Attended or blind call transfer to connect the caller with the right business executives. 

BLF Presence 

Busy Lamp Field shows the presence of available executives to attend calls to the supervisors. 


Receive voicemail messages and enjoy the voicemail to email feature for all or selected executives. 


Enjoy extension to extension calling for free to save money and encourage collaboration. 

Inter-Company Call 

Encourage calls between different branches and enjoy consolidated collaboration. 

Call Recording 

Ensure superior quality of calls and quality of service by logging all calls and managing recording files. 


Take a detailed look at the performance of different statistics and make informed decisions. 

Value Added Functionalities to Extend Reach of PBX Business 

Reseller Management 

Manage your partners and resellers with an exclusively built module that helps you manage and lead resellers locally and globally. 


Rate Management 

Define rates for different criteria to create custom rate cards and manage customer usage and bills effectively and hassle-free. 


Routing Management 

Manage different call routing strategies to bill tenants and resellers depending on the use of routing strategy and platform. 


Payment Gateway 

Integrate your preferred payment gateways to keep payment processing online, simplified, and secure. 


Stay Alert and Keep System Under Control 

E.164 Normalization (Localization) 

Keep your tenants happy with the normalization of phone numbers with a global format. 

Blacklisting/ Whitelisting Caller ID and Destination 

Blacklist or whitelist phone numbers based on caller ID and destinations. 


Alerts and Push Notification 

Receive system wide push notifications and alerts via email, phone, and SMS. 


Advantages of ASTPP Multi Tenant IP PBX Solution 

Multi Tenant

Segregate branches or customers in tenants and enjoy the advantages of multi tenancy. 

Access to APIs

Get access to the API of this multi tenant PBX system to integrate it with other systems. 


Grow in leaps and bounds as the software will support your business expansion with scalable nature. 


Safeguard your PBX system and business with the advanced, integrated security mechanisms. 

Third Party Integrations

Integrate third party systems or APIs into this multi tenant PBX software for holistic system access. 

Reliable Support

Stay 100% focused on your core strength as for your technical needs, we have covered you completely.


Love Your Customers

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An IP PBX system is a private telephone exchange that offers extensive communication features to the users of this software. It reduces the cost of communication and the hardship of managing conventional, hardware based telephony systems. The multi tenant PBX system is an IP PBX solution with tenant support. It means using a single software solution, multiple instances can be created.

This system is one of the most advanced multi tenant IP PBX solutions. It gives all call controls like call park and pickup, call forwarding, attended and blind call transfer, caller ID, call redial, multilingual and multicurrency support, etc. Moreover, it has unique features like barge-in, unlimited IVR menus, audio conferencing, DND support, BLF, and more. 

Yes, we help our clients to migrate from traditional telecommunication systems to digitized business telephony options made available by the best multi tenant IP PBX software. We also help in migrating providers from old PBX or PABX solutions to our advanced and modernized multi tenant system.

We have a highly scalable and secure PBX system with multi tenant support. It not only possesses the best and unique features, but it also provides choices to add value added functionalities or systems using add-ons to expand your business reach. This software supports all major payment platforms and you can also integrate third party systems in this PBX system to enjoy a complete system to offer extensive services or to enjoy all business facilities within a single platform. 

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