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PC Dialer

ASTPP team has developed some premium solutions to empower
the VoIP industry with powerfulapplications and solutions.

These premium solutions are available for use, regardless of the fact that you are an ASTPP user or not. The PC dialer aka softphone is one of the premium solutions built by the official team of ASTPP development experts.

The ASTPP PC dialer is available as a white-label PC dialer application for Windows systems. It is compatible with all different Windows versions. It is easy to use as it is furnished with user-friendly GUI-based elements.

Key Features

This softphone app is furnished with all, standard to advanced, features of the best softphone applications available in the market:

Voice calling

Voice calling

Conference Calling
3-way conferencing calling
Instant messaging
Instant messaging
Call transfer
Call transfer
Call hold and call pickup
API Integration
API integration support
Call history display
Call history display
Rate display for the dialed number
Dialed call redial
And more
And more
key features

Technical Specifications

The expert ASTPP developers have made this softphone compatible with all business models and technical specifications to make it work on different versions of Windows desktop and laptop systems:

  • It can work with any SIP server
  • It supports all different types of codecs such as G722, G729, G711, Speex, iLBC, GSM, AMR, etc.
  • It offers quick connectivity and rapid registration

If you are an ASTPP 4.0 version user and add PC dialer in your offering bouquet, you can also leverage benefits of:

  • Integration with ASTPP product module
  • Display real time account balance for the user

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What Customers Say


It is a SIP phone dialer for PCs. It has all features of SIP dialer software for PC. It can be installed on any windows desktop or laptop system to use features of the phone app within the system. It provides added features to help business users run more productive hours with system based communication. 

Yes, we provide white labeling of ASTPP PC dialer software. Our team will replace brand elements of ASTPP with your business brand elements to provide a white label dialer software for PC. 

Auto dialers are typically available with call center dialers or call center software. ASTPP PC dialer is a SIP Softphone for systems. Thus, it does not support auto dialing features. It lets its users make calls manually via this software. You can use this dialer software with a call center solution to use it for auto dialing. 

If you use it with ASTPP version 4.0 or above, then you can take advantage of the balance display. In fact, with those versions, you can see real time balance in your account.


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