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VoIP Billing Solution

A completely scalable and flexible solution to automate VoIP billing, rating, invoicing, and reporting. 

A Complete VoIP Billing System to Augment Processes and
Enhance Returns

ASTPP is an award winning VoIP billing solution that is built with extensive features to benefit VoIP service providers. It has a built-in mechanism that automates all major jobs related to billing, invoicing, and payment processing. It is an ideal billing system that can be used to manage any type of VoIP business, be it wholesale, retail, or hybrid. This flexible VoIP billing software can be integrated with all open source and third party VoIP solutions to let business owners automate their rating, invoicing, billing, and payment processing jobs. 

ASTPP billing solution is available as an open source and enterprise platform to benefit all sizes and types of VoIP businesses. Both editions of this #1 VoIP billing platform can manage simple and complicated billing processes in the VoIP industry. It also generates detailed reports to provide a completely transparent billing process. This VoIP billing software is the best in offering a real time billing feature to ensure there is no negative billing in your business and you always enjoy profit making business. Moreover, it is a highly customizable solution that can be tailored to meet your business needs and demands. 

VoIP Billing Software Features

Simplified Account and User Management

Super Admin and Admin

Super admin can organize admin accounts and admin can manage customers, rate cards, and other details with simple mouse clicks. 

N Level Reseller Management

Manage any number of reseller accounts and easily grant and revoke permissions using a simple to use GUI and expand business manifold. 

Customer Management

Provide a seamless and engaging customer portal to delight clients by providing all extensive features at their fingertips. 
VoIP Billing Solution
Prepaid Postpaid Accounts

Prepaid / Postpaid Accounts

Take a lead among competitors by seamlessly managing prepaid and postpaid clients. 
Rate Management

Rate Management

Augment your billing process with automation by managing rate cards and pricing structure. 
Routing Management

Routing Management

Seamlessly run a wholesale VoIP business by offering diverse call routing strategies. 
SIP Trunking

DID Management

Easily sell, lock, release, and purchase DID numbers with a simple to use DID management panel. 
Routing and Billing System

Billing and Invoicing

Sit back and relax while the ASTPP billing process handles complicated billing processes automatically. 
Package Subscription Management

Package/Subscription Management

Manage n-number of packages and subscriptions with ASTPP to automate the bill mapping process. 
Payment Gateways

Payment Gateways

Integrate your preferred payment gateways and enjoy the advantage of default payment gateways for easy payment processing. 
Real Time Billing

Real Time Billing

Take a sigh of relief with real time billing by restricting customers from using services without balance. 


Enjoy focusing on business and delivering protected services with an inbuilt security solution. 
Inbound Outbound Calls

Inbound / Outbound Calls

Deliver an exceptional quality of service to your clients using inbound and outbound calling services. 

E.164 Normalization (Localization)

Don’t worry about the disparity of phone numbers with our inbuilt feature of localization. 
Email SMS Push Notifications

Email, SMS, Push Notifications

Get and send instant alerts via three different modes for all important notifications and messages. 
Multi Currency


Enjoy revenue generation by expanding business in multiple geography and processing payment in multiple currencies. 


Get an extensive range of reports to inspect all major performance metrics and fine tune your business plan. 


Get easy to use APIs to integrate ASTPP in any VoIP software to use exclusive features. 

Expand your solution with readymade addons

Multi Tenant IP PBX

Provide rich communication solution based services along with running wholesale VoIP business using our multi tenant IP PBX solution. 

Virtual Fax

Provide digital faxing experience and the liberty of sending faxes remotely to your clients with a powerful fax over IP solution. 

Support Ticket
Streamline managing technical support requests and track productivity with this system.
Number Portability

Let your clients use the same number and enjoy the services of their preferred carriers using a number portability solution. 

Benefits of VoIP Billing Solution

Simplified Management

Simplified Management

A graphical user interface with intuitive navigation makes use and management cakewalk for users. 
High Uptime SLA

High Uptime SLA

Deliver delightful service to your clients with assured high uptime SLA of up to 99.95%. 


Automate all billing, rating, management, and invoicing jobs with a powerful VoIP billing platform. 
Multiple Call Routing Rules

Multiple Call Routing Rules

Enjoy having happy clients and healthy businesses with diverse call routing strategies. 
Save Money

Save Money

Enjoy saving money on software, hardware, management, and maintenance of a billing system. 
High Scalability

High Scalability

Your VoIP billing software will match the pace of your business growth with a highly scalable nature. 

Why Choose ASTPP For VoIP Billing Solution

The VoIP Billing Solution provides businesses with a range of benefits to enhance their operations and customer experience. With this solution, businesses can generate detailed and customizable invoices, adding a professional touch to their billing process and increasing customer satisfaction. Integration with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems such as Zoho CRM, Salesforce CRM allows for streamlined customer data management, enabling businesses to provide better service and support. Moreover, the solution helps businesses implement robust fraud prevention measures, actively detecting and mitigating fraudulent activities, thereby ensuring security and safeguarding revenue. By leveraging the VoIP Billing Solution, businesses can optimize their billing processes, enhance customer management, and protect their financial interests.


What Customers Say


VoIP billing solution is a software that will have inbuilt features to manage different users, vendors, customers, etc., and automate the billing process. An advanced billing system can also have advanced features like call routing, payment gateways, localization, and more. 

ASTPP is a highly versatile VoIP billing and invoice management platform. It can be used with any VoIP solution such as wholesale Softswitch, class 5 Softswitch, IP PBX solution, fax server software, calling card platform, DID number management solution, etc. It can also be used with VoIP software built into any technology such as Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, etc. 

  • It will reduce manual efforts in billing processes 
  • It delights customers 
  • It enhances the billing process and business models 
  • It supports diverse business models 
  • It eliminates manmade errors 

Yes, you can easily migrate from any conventional or VoIP billing system to ASTPP. Our support team of experts can also help in the migration process.  

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