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Class 5 Softswitch Solution 

An enhanced and Enterprise Grade Communication System to
Empower Businesses with Reliable and Scalable Telephony Solution. 

Robust Retail Softswitch Solution 

It is a highly scalable retail VoIP Softswitch solution that is empowered with rich communication features to meet the communication needs of businesses, enterprises, and residential users. All sized businesses can use this communication system to meet standard and unconventional communication needs. 

Our class 5 Softswitch solution is not just a retail Softswitch solution, but it is a fully integrated, comprehensive telephony platform that bridges communication gaps for businesses and provides enterprise grade quality of communication to end users. Moreover, it consists of wide ranging communication systems integrated into the software to meet the communication and collaboration needs of end users.

VoIP service providers and entrepreneurs can use this retail VoIP Softswitch solution integrated within the switch to deliver extensive communication services to global customers. There is a plethora of revenue generating opportunities available with this software for service providers.

Class 5 Softswitch Features

Account Management
with ease

Admin & Sub admin Management

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N Level Reseller Management

We have collected solid experience in building native and cross-platform mobile applications and websites.

Customer Management

We’ll build with you a clear promotion strategy. Thus, you’ll have an actionable plan to influence people.

Insightful Dashboards 

Primary Dashboard

Access data and insight into primary performance metrics through the main, primary dashboard.

System Dashboard

Review graphical performance charts with key indicators of your system to assure high uptime SLA.

Monitoring  Dashboard

Keep your business up and running by keeping an eye on the performance of the system with this dashboard
Insightful Dashboard

Manifold VoIP Solutions within a Single Platform 

SIP Trunking 

Cut calling costs and increase collaboration benefits with this powerful system. 

Multi Tenant IP PBX 

Govern business phone systems for dispersed branches with a centralized system. 

Calling Card 

Gain the advantage of simplified management of calling cards and business operations. 


Virtual Faxing 

Eliminate err of faxing and enjoy mobility with FoIP solution with widespread features. 

Virtual Number Management 

Build an effective telecommunication enterprise with efficient management of virtual numbers. 

Routing and Billing System 

Automate connecting callers with the right person and billing customers based on their system use. 

All Solutions at One Place

SIP Trunking
SIP Trunking

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Multi Tenant PBX
Multi Tenant PBX

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Calling Card
Calling Card

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Virtual Faxing
Virtual Faxing

This minimalist weather application was created to be multi-platform. It’s available for iPhone or Android phones.

virtual number
Virtual Numbers

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Routing & Billing
Routing & Billing

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Customer CDR report

Summary and Detail Reports 

Augment Your Business Reach with Off-the-Shelve Add-ons 

Help desk

Streamline managing technical support requests and track productivity with this system. 

fraud Detection

Safeguard your business from known and unknown threats with automated fraud detection. 

stripe payment gateway

Make payment processing easier for clients with a popular payment gateway Stripe. 

WHMCS Integration 

Take advantage of the WHMCS platform within this retail Softswitch with an integrated system. 


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Benefits of Retail VoIP Softswitch 

Simplified Management

GUI based system to manage simple to intricate jobs.

Increase productivity

Empower the team with a reliable communication system. 

Low Maintenance

Software system reduces maintenance efforts and cost.

Save Money

Reduce cost per call along with other expenses. 

Remote Communication

Connect with team and partners anytime, from anywhere. 

Generate Revenue

Run a full fledged VoIP service provider business and earn money. 

Why Choose ASTPP For Class 5 Softswitch Solution

For entrepreneurs venturing into the VoIP industry, Class 5 Softswitch emerges as the ideal solution, offering a seamless and instant launch for their business. This software provides a comprehensive suite of tools and functionalities necessary to establish and operate a fully functional VoIP service. With Class 5 Softswitch, entrepreneurs can effortlessly handle essential aspects like call routing, billing & invocing, and management. It enables the efficient routing of calls, ensuring seamless connectivity for end-users. Additionally, the software incorporates robust billing capabilities, allowing entrepreneurs to manage subscriptions, handle payment cycles, and generate accurate invoices. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive features, Class 5 Softswitch empowers entrepreneurs to establish a successful VoIP business with ease, right from the start.


What Customers Say


Class 5 Softswitch is a type of VoIP Softswitch that consists of a range of business communication features. It helps businesses to bridge the communication gaps among team members, partners, clients, etc. It also helps in encouraging remote and instant communication to make a business move faster. This retail VoIP Softswitch solution also helps in reducing expenses even if it provides extensive communication features. As it is more widely used among retail markets and audiences, it is called retail VoIP Softswitch. 

This software has an array of features like IVR, dashboards, call routing, time condition based call routing, voicemail, call park and pickup, 3-way conferencing, call forwarding, call hold, reports, and more. It is a customizable VoIP solution and further features can be added based on client requirements.

Yes, it does. It is a highly flexible system and you can integrate any third party software solution or APIs in this software. You can also get APIs for this software to integrate it into your business system.

Yes, it is compatible with a majority of popular payment gateways. We can help you integrate your preferred payment gateway into this system. 

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