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Business From Many Years

ASTPP is a renowned Open Source VoIP Billing and it is the core solution running many businesses all across the globe for more than 12 years now. In 2019, the community launched a smart telephony version of ASTPP. It further added an enterprise version of ASTPP along with its open source version. In addition to the VoIP billing software, which has been part of ASTPP for 12+ years, many amazing VoIP solutions are added as part of ASTPP add-ons or core features in 2019.

ASTPP is the only smart VoIP telephony platform that introduced the add-on element to add more VoIP solutions and functionalities into this software. ASTPP supports multiple languages like Spanish, English, Brazilian Portuguese, etc. It is built with the most robust technologies, FreeSWITCH and OpenSIPs. Its technologies make it a highly scalable, secure, robust, and flexible solution that can be used by VoIP, ITSP, or any other business to handle communication and collaboration needs.

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ASTPP is brought to you by Inextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. We are a company that is dedicated to help customers to manage and grow their businesses and make full use of ASTPP.