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Class 4 Softswitch Solution

Drive Success to Your Wholesale Business with Carrier
Grade Wholesale Softswitch Solution!

High Quality Wholesale VoIP Softswitch

Managing wholesale call traffic needs a highly robust and flexible software solution. Our class 4 Softswitch solution is built with bleeding edge technology and years of experience as a telecom software provider in this industry.  

Our wholesale Softswitch is renowned to add the most reliable piece of network to manage and lead the wholesale VoIP business by effectively traversing massive call volume to international or long distance destinations. It is most efficient in managing wholesale call traffic. Our VoIP Softswitch for wholesale businesses is distinguished for its quality of service to transmit calls between carrier to exchange and carrier to carrier. 

The wholesale VoIP providers can enjoy the fame of delivering carrier grade services by building the most reliable telecommunication network with our class 4 Softswitch. This Softswitch is highly compatible with different protocols, codecs, etc., which makes it a perfect solution to run a business without worrying about interoperability issues. It can be integrated with any third party retail switch, IP PBX, or other solutions to build a complete telecommunication network to offer end to end services. This wholesale VoIP Softswitch is tried and tested for its performance to handle hundreds and thousands of calls per second with the same high grade call quality. 

Features of Open Source Class 4 Softswitch

Intuitive Dashboards

Main Dashboard 

Keep an eye on all major and global statistics to be aware of the health of overall performance. 

System Dashboard 

Monitor all major system related performance criteria in real time to ensure high performance. 

Monitoring Dashboard 

Supervise and control major KPIs, system usage, and other driving factors with live statistics. 

VoIP Call Forwarding

Rates & Routing on the fly

Rates Management

This minimalist weather application was created to be multi-platform. It’s available for iPhone or Android phones.

Routing Management

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Prepaid Postpaid Accounts

Prepaid / Postpaid Accounts

Serve both types of customers in the wholesale telecom market to gain a competitive edge. 

Reseller Management

Reseller Management

Simplify the governance of resellers to increase revenue and expand the business as per your goals. 

Rate Management

Rate Management

Manage different types of rates within the wholesale VoIP Softswitch to simplify billing. 

Routing Management

Routing Management

Delight clients with a range of call routing rules that can be configured with a GUI based system. 

Billing and Invoicing

Billing and Invoicing

Automate the intricate process of billing and invoicing with an integrated, comprehensive billing system. 

Real Time Monitoring

Real Time Billing

Always stay profitable by restricting the use of systems with a negative balance using a real time billing feature. 

Real Time Billing

Real Time Monitoring

Be aware of system, switch, carrier, and other performance drivers by monitoring live statistics. 



Stay worry free about security concerns of the wholesale Softswitch with an inbuilt security feature. 

Inbound Outbound Calls

Inbound / Outbound Calls

Enjoy hassle free management of inbound and outbound calls using robust and scalable Softswitch. 

Customer summary Report

Comprehensive Summary and In-depth Reports for Class 4 Softswitch

Stay Alert and Hold the Complete Control

E.164 Normalization (Localization) 

E.164 Normalization (Localization) 

Take advantage of hassle free calling and wholesale call traffic regulation with phone number normalization to the international standard defined with e.164 phone number formats. 

Blacklist/ Whitelist Caller ID and Destination 

Blacklist/ Whitelist Caller ID and Destination 

Block or grant permission to make calls based on destination or caller ID as major criteria to enjoy highly regulated call traffic in your network and enjoy high security of the system and business. 

Alerts via Email, SMS, Push Notification 

Alerts via Email, SMS, Push Notification 

Get notified for important instances such as unauthorized system access, system failure, fraud attempts, etc, sent via push notifications and alerts sent through different communication channels. 

Augment Your Wholesale VoIP Business with Add-ons

Multi Tenant IP PBX

Provide rich communication solution based services along with running wholesale VoIP business using our multi tenant IP PBX solution. 

Virtual Fax

Provide digital faxing experience and the liberty of sending faxes remotely to your clients with a powerful fax over IP solution. 

Country Report

Make decision making and growth presentation more effective with graphical and standard country specific reports. 

Number Portability

Let your clients use the same number and enjoy the services of their preferred carriers using a number portability solution. 

VoIP Solution


Safeguard your switch 


Manage massive traffic 


Enjoy growth at a rapid rate 


Focus on your business 

Benefits of Using ASTPP Class 4 Softswitch

Simplified Management

Simplified Management 

GUI system to administer all aspects of wholesale VoIP Softswitch and business. 

High Uptime SLA

High Uptime SLA 

Enjoy the superior quality of service with an excellent service level agreement for uptime up to 99%. 



Automate various jobs from billing to monitoring to make operations efficient and cost effective. 

Multiple Call Routing Rules

Multiple Call Routing Rules 

Define business based on unique call routing strategies for diverse revenue generation. 

Save Money

Save Money 

Save upfront and ongoing costs on software and infrastructure with this C4 wholesale Softswitch. 

High Scalability

High Scalability 

Enjoy the growth of your business with the backed system support using this robust Softswitch. 

Why Choose ASTPP For Class 4 Softswitch Solution

Class 4 softswitches play a crucial role in the telecommunications industry, offering a multitude of benefits to carriers and service providers. Their efficient call routing capabilities ensure optimal and cost-effective call termination, resulting in enhanced service quality and reduced costs. ASTPP, in addition to class 4 softswitches, also provides class 5 softswitch solutions. Understanding the difference between class 4 and class 5 softswitches is essential for gaining a complete idea of their functionalities. Class 4 softswitches primarily focus on handling large volumes of long-distance or international calls between carriers, facilitating seamless connectivity across networks. On the other hand, class 5 softswitches are designed for local exchanges, enabling a wide range of feature-rich services such as call rating, call routing, voicemail, conferencing, and more, targeting end-users. By utilizing both class 4 and class 5 softswitches, carriers and service providers can effectively manage and streamline their telecommunications operations while catering to the diverse needs of their customers.


What Customers Say


Class 4 Softswitch is a software based VoIP switch solution that caters to the international VoIP industry with long distance call routing. It manages massive call traffic, which gives it another name for wholesale VoIP Softswitch. The modern wholesale Softswitch manages to perform multiple jobs along with traversing calls from source to international destinations.

We have the most unique call routing rules along with standard call routing strategies that include: 

  • Least Cost Routing (LCR) 
  • Lossless Routing 
  • Priority based Routing 
  • Prefix based Routing 
  • Cost based Routing 
  • CLI routing 
  • Non-CLI routing 
  • Hybrid Routing 

We have a comprehensive and feature rich VoIP billing solution, which can be integrated with the class 4 Softswitch solution. This software has a feature of real time billing, which can be used to bill customers in real time when they are on an ongoing call. As soon as the customer reaches the minimum threshold, the system will disconnect the call to ensure you don’t face negative balance related challenges. 

Yes, our wholesale Softswitch is highly flexible and compatible with a majority of PBX solutions, class 5 Softswitch solutions, CRM systems, etc. We can help you integrate third party solutions or APIs with it to enjoy a single sign-on facility or the benefits of an integrated and intuitive telephony solution. 

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