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ASTPP Online Training and
Certification Program

ASTPP is securing its place as one of the best Smart VoIP solutions in the world. Furthermore, it has secured its place of being one of the top open source VoIP solutions. Learning this smart telephony platform inside out from its makers and experts can bring an abundance of opportunities and benefits for you.

By keeping interest of ASTPP community members, users, enterprise customers, and aspiring business owners in mind, we have come up with the ASTPP Training program.

What Is the ASTPP Online Training Program?

ASTPP experts who have been working day in day out on and with this smart telephony solution will take training sessions for you. They will get you closer to the ASTPP and its latest version with the practical knowledge sharing and a walk-through of the product.

What Will Be Covered in the Training Program?

  • Training of both, the ASTPP open source and ASTPP enterprise version will be covered in this program.
  • The inside out knowledge of the latest version of ASTPP will be given to the participants.
  • The walk-through with the training of using each ASTPP 4 will be covered in this online ASTPP training program.
  • The pros, tips, and tricks of using the ASTPP add-ons in the latest version will be taught to the learners.

Why Should You Join This ASTPP Online Training Program?

There are many reasons and benefits of joining this training program. Here are the benefits of learning ASTPP from experts.

Top Benefits to Individuals

In-depth knowledge to gain career benefits​

In-depth knowledge to gain career benefits

There are many VoIP freelancers who provide services in the ASTPP open source smart VoIP solution. Enrolling in this course will help them learn the product from the experts. The ASTPP training expert will give insightful knowledge of this product so the learners can gain an in-depth understanding of this platform and provide better services or get a job in a reputed firm.

Become a Certified Professional​

Become a Certified Professional

At the successful completion of the training session, the ASTPP will give a course completion certificate to everyone that participates in this course. This will add accreditation in your professional career. You can get more projects if you are a freelancer or receive better and more job opportunities if you are a salaried VoIP engineer.

Top Benefits to Businesses / Business Owners

Train Team with thorough knowledge of ASTPP​

Train Team with thorough knowledge of ASTPP

There are thousands of businesses that are running on the ASTPP. They can take the personalized training program for their team that works on this smart VoIP solution. They can gain the benefit of knowing this platform more insightful and in complete detail so they can take the best business advantage of this platform.

Streamline business operations with ease​

Streamline business operations with ease

Knowing this smart telephony solution completely helps in simplifying flow and operations. Furthermore, taking advantage of some untouched capabilities of ASTPP is made possible with this training. This will streamline operations by reducing resources and saving costs. It will also let you enjoy benefits such as increased performance, better resource utilization, and increased productivity.

Enhance the quality of service Here ​

Enhance the quality of service Here

Better and streamlined business operations can help in keeping everything in order as well as enhancing the quality of service given to the customers.

Increase customer satisfaction​

Increase customer satisfaction

Ease of access and enhanced services can help you cater to more customers in less time with fewer resources. The quick and quality service will increase the client’s happiness and bring all the perks related to happy customers such as increased customer retention, increased repeat business, increased brand advocates, and increased referral business.

Better business expansion planning​

Better business expansion planning

Knowing the power of ASTPP will open the doors of opportunities. ASTPP is a whole suite of VoIP solutions and there are many business breakthroughs one can achieve by using it. The online training program will help you know this powerful smart VoIP telephony solution even better and then you can plan more strategies to expand the business and create new revenue channels.

Improve the success of the business​

Improve the success of the business

All the above mentioned factors and benefits will work as a joint force to help you push the boundaries. You will touch the invincible borders of success in your market segment.

Who Can Get the Most Out of This ASTPP Online Training Program?

Anyone, enthusiastic about the VoIP industry can participate in this program to know this one of the best smart VoIP software closely. There are some professionals who can gain the maximum benefits and must enroll for this online training program.

ASTPP community members

ASTPP users

ASTPP enterprise version users

Aspiring VoIP service providers

Aspiring ITSPs

Freelance VoIP developers

The program is segmented into 2 models

Personal Dedicated Training​

Personal Dedicated Training

Sessions for all registered team members of the company

Group Training​

Group Training

Sessions for a group of 4 individuals

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