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Cloud Native wholesale VoIP Softswitch : Revolution in the Telecom Industry

  • August 23, 2023

A VoIP Softswitch solution is a vital component of the telecommunication industry. The wholesale and retail switch solutions are a major part of businesses that work in the industry to provide a complete ecosystem for telecommunication. Traditionally, both Softswitch solutions had predefined and restricted roles. A class 4 Softswitch solution is used to provide a call routing service to route massive call volumes from source to international destinations. On the other hand, a retail Softswitch solution helps in offering communication and collaboration services to residential businesses. Technological inventions and innovations brought revolutionary changes to this industry by upgrading software technologies. 

A cloud native class 4 Softswitch is one of the most advanced forms of a wholesale Softswitch. It has brought a revolution in the telecommunication industry and thus, it is necessary to explore all the necessary details about this software, so you can benefit from this software directly or even indirectly. 

Let’s Understand The Most Trending Wholesale VoIP Softswitch Solution

1. Class 4 Softswitch Software Overview

In the VoIP telephony network, there are two different types of traffic: Wholesale and retail. The retail Softswitch solution handles call to the wholesale switch to route calls to the long distance destinations. A class 4 switch is the software solution that manages this wholesale VoIP traffic and efficiently routes to international destinations. It makes sure all calls are routed to the destined retail switch and uses the requested call routing strategy. Traditionally, this switch is used to traverse calls only using least cost routing (LCR). However, in 2023, there is a whole range of call routing strategies available that are used to traverse calls from source to destination by these wholesale switch solutions. 

In the realm of VoIP-based telecommunications, this switch plays a pivotal role in bridging the gap for long-distance calling services by connecting with residential switches. Typically, wholesale VoIP traffic service providers are the primary users of this switch. Additionally, it finds utility among carriers, SIP trunking service providers, DID number and forwarding service providers, as well as GSM termination service providers. This highlights the role of the Class 4 Softswitch in the VoIP industry and its implications for future trends.

2. Cloud Native Class 4 Softswitch Overview

Any VoIP solution is segmented into different categories depending on diverse factors. The hosting platform is one of the important factors that are used to differentiate solutions built by an Asterisk development company. Traditionally, providers installed and set up all VoIP solutions on local servers configured on their premises. However, cloud platforms are now taking the world by storm. They are way more advanced and have several advantages over simple servers. 

A cloud native wholesale solution is a class 4 Softswitch that is built to support native features of cloud platforms and harness the power of cloud hosting. The switch can be hosted on any cloud platform, and it offers all the advantages of the cloud platform.

3. Top 6 Major Advantages of Cloud Native Wholesale Switch 

Top 6 major Advantages of cloud native wholesaleswitch

The cloud native Wholesale Softswitch software are extremely popular among wholesale VoIP service providers for multiple reasons. The major advantages of these platforms have become the main attraction for wholesale businesses to use this solution. 

Let’s explore the major benefits of using this cloud based wholesale VoIP Softswitch solution. 


Any wholesale VoIP business handles thousands of concurrent calls per second. This number is massive, and it needs a robust platform to manage this call volume efficiently. It is possible only with the right platform. Even a robust wholesale Softswitch needs a robust platform that can manage this massive call volume and keep performing with excellent speed, accuracy, and efficiency. The cloud platform enables wholesale VoIP service providers to achieve this robustness with its powerful components. 


In the wholesale VoIP business, one of the major concerns is scalability, which can also become a hurdle in the success of the business. However, a cloud-native solution can overpower this challenge. The cloud platforms are very scalable, and they also provide quick scalability. Whether a wholesale business needs to manage 1000 calls today and 10000 calls tomorrow, the cloud platform can provide that instant scalability. This helps VoIP service providers to keep moving forward and obtaining new success milestones. 


The wholesale VoIP switch needs to manage traffic coming through different sources. Thus, it may also need to manage different codecs, protocols, etc. The cloud native solution often provides integrated transcoding and protocol conversion features. It would also provide interoperability and portability to let the wholesale VoIP solutions work with other retail and wholesale switch solutions. That means the system will be compatible with any other solution, so it can work with any other system and helps in expanding business across networks. 

High Uptime

Uptime is another important benefit of a cloud native solution. A majority of cloud platforms provide 99.99% of the uptime of all solutions. Even if the system goes down for any reason the cloud platforms can bring it back in the up and running state within a minimum time, which is a great advantage in businesses like wholesale VoIP. A business needs to focus on handling multiple calls efficiently, and the uptime of the software is of great importance. Achieving this can be easily done with a cloud-native platform. 


The modern cloud native class 4 Softswitch software are very agile and that is another major benefit of using them. This characteristic offers several other benefits. You can create and set up multiple instances of the software to use it from different locations. You can also integrate different solutions with this Softswitch to create a comprehensive system. With a single sign-on screen, you can manage multiple solutions.

Cost Efficiency

This is another lucrative advantage of using a cloud based wholesale VoIP Softswitch solution. Comparatively, it saves a lot of money for a service provider by eliminating physical space, servers, and other hardware infrastructure. Some of the cloud platforms also provide the benefit of the pay as you go model, which means you pay only for the usage of the space you have. This saves a lot of money and also provides excellent scalability. This can really be the amazing advantage of using the best software hosted on the cloud structure, which makes cloud native Softswitch solutions so popular.

4. Key Features of Cloud Native Solution for Wholesale VoIP Business 

key Features of cloud native solution for wholesale voip business

A majority of wholesale VoIP solutions will have similar features to offer. The only difference of the cloud native is that it will be hosted on the cloud platform. Thus, there is no specific feature available for cloud native systems. However, your wholesale VoIP Softswitch Software must have some necessary features to stay competitive and advanced. 

Intelligent Call Routing Strategies

The major job of a wholesale switch is to route calls to international destinations. Thus, it is necessary to have different types of call routing strategies in your switch. Some of the standard call distribution rules include least cost routing, priority based routing, prefix based routing, lossless routing, hybrid call routing, and more. Intelligent call routing is an advanced strategy to route calls to international destinations. It helps in delivering excellent quality service to customers at the cheapest rates possible. It is a must have call routing rule in your Softswitch solution. 

Efficient Traffic Management and Load Balancing

Another important feature that your switch must have been the efficient management of massive call traffic. The wholesale business deals with a massive call volume, so having an inbuilt mechanism to ensure the system can handle the load without causing crashes is necessary. Load balancing is another vital feature that your switch must have to manage traffic efficiently in your system. It will ensure efficacious operations even if the system is facing a sudden spike in traffic. 

Concluding Notes 

The VoIP industry is extensive, offering diversified solutions. However, VoIP calling wouldn’t be possible without a VoIP Softswitch solution. In both retail and wholesale switch solutions, ASTPP is necessary in this space to provide the best performance. This has led to remarkable innovations in this industry, including a cloud-native class 4 Softswitch solution.

The cloud native solution has brought a revolutionary shift in the wholesale VoIP industry and also in the overall SIP calling business. The cloud native solution provides powerful features to the users of this wholesale switch, so they can expand their business rapidly and rely on the system. Moreover, there are several benefits of using this software from high scalability to elasticity, flexibility, compatibility, agility, and more. Its competitive features and amazing advantages make cloud native solutions a perfect platform for wholesale VoIP business owners. 

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