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How to Grow and Expand Business with Minimum Investment Using ASTPP?

  • November 17, 2020

ASTPP stands for A Smart TelePhony Platform. This platform is developed for ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers), VoIP service providers, and similar businesses. If you want to launch your startup or divert your existing VoIP or ITSP business to a whole new direction with a brighter future, then ASTPP is the right solution for you.

Both open source and enterprise ASTPP solution can be white-labeled.

If you have enough funds in hand, you must get the ASTPP enterprise solution; remember the ASTPP enterprise solution is not too expensive. However, if you do not have or want to invest funds straightforwardly, then also you can use ASTPP in your favor. With minimum to zero investment, you can launch, grow, and expand your business.

Step 1: Start with open source ASTPP

ASTPP also has an open source version to offer. You do not need to pay anything for installation or use. The open source version has two solutions:

  1. Class 4 Softswitch and
  2. VoIP billing solution

You can launch a business as a wholesale VoIP provider and start making money.

Step 2: Build a strong reseller network

ASTPP has a comprehensive reseller module. Use it in your favor by making a strong network of resellers. Resellers will sell your wholesale VoIP business by using the ASTPP reseller account to run their business. Once you succeed in developing a reseller network, you will be able to earn more revenues from the resellers.

Step 3: Buy ASTPP enterprise solution and add more services to offering list

Once you have enough funds, you must go for the ASTPP enterprise solution. You have the option of paying the license fees in 4 or 12 installments with quarterly and monthly payment models offered by it.

The ASTPP enterprise solution has a wide range of VoIP solutions such as:

It is also a multilingual solution. You can add more services to your offering list and you can serve in non-English speaking countries as well. For example, multi tenant IP PBX can be used to offer business and SOHO phone services.

Step 4: Strengthen the reseller network

The ASTPP enterprise solution also has some features such as MailChimp to help you strengthen your reseller network. You can reach more leads to convert them into your resellers. They can sell in their language and their preferred services to let you increase revenues.

Step 5: Buy mobile SIP dialer

We all are aware of the usage of mobile devices, especially smartphones. This makes a mobile SIP dialer necessary. The mobile SIP dialer is a premium solution of it. You can get a white label mobile SIP dialer. Offering it for free can help you retain customers and increase their loyalty towards your brand. Alternatively, you can charge for it and increase revenues even further.

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