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Multi Tenant IP PBX and Its Utilities

  • September 3, 2019

The VoIP industry has transformed a lot in the past decade. It has introduced many useful tools and solutions to help all industry verticals. The multi tenant IP PBX solution is one of the most renowned and successful inventions made by VoIP experts. In this article, we will learn more about this solution and how one can use it for the benefit of his business.

What is a multi tenant IP PBX?

It is an IP PBX system itself with tenant support. If you are not aware of the concept of IP PBX, here is a quick explanation about it. PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. It means a private telephony switch network that is specifically set up for the company. This system offers all these features, plus, it provides the functionality to create tenant aka subaccounts. When used along with the VoIP billing solution, it can also be used to provide business telephony or IP PBX services to the businesses and make money by running this business.

Utilities of Multi-Tenant IP PBX

This solution can be used in multiple ways and depends on the goal to be achieved by the system. We will consider the utilities in the company that uses an IP PBX solution for its internal and external communications.

1. Take care of internal communication

The multi tenant IP PBX solution offers all communication features available in the IP PBX system. To provide the benefits of cheaper internal communication, it supports extensions and intercom. The team members can talk to each other without disturbing the company’s budget as internal calling is free. This system also offers many more features to make sure the team members are connected to each other.

2. Attend outbound communication

If you are thinking that the IP PBX system can also receive calls from mobile SIP dialer or other IP PBX system, then you are wrong. By using a this system, the business executives can make a call to any number and can also receive calls. This system supports calling to and from any number. Thus, outbound calls will not be an issue. In fact, the companies can create a bigger image by using this system as it offers features like:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System
  • Voicemail
  • Call queue
  • Music on Hold
  • And many more

3. Participate in remote meetings and conferences

There are many companies that need to work with remote employees, vendors, customers, and prospects. The multi tenant IP PBX software allows arranging conference calls seamlessly. Multiple participants can be in the call from anywhere.

ASTPP offers multi tenant IP PBX solution as one of the add-ons along with all other systems it has. You will also get a comprehensive VoIP billing system. Enterprise ASTPP makes available this and numerous other business-centric add-ons.. For more details, contact us.