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ASTPP 4.0 Technical Walkthrough Gave Glimpse of New Functionalities

  • May 31, 2019

At the ASTPP 4.0 Launch event, the technical team lead, Mr. Hardik Patel, took a command in his hand to showcase the key features which are either enhanced or recently introduced in the ASTPP 4.0: A Smart TelePhony Platform. In his session, he gave a walkthrough to the ASTPP 4.0 with the screenshot sharing of the new version of this open source VoIP billing solution. Also, he gave insights about the key benefits and features of this latest version of ASTPP.

He initiated with two factor login authentication and activity logs which will consolidate security in the latest version of ASTPP. Moving forward, he explained the new look and feel integrated into this open source VoIP solution. He explained the quick and insightful information available in the ASTPP 4.0 along with the graphs which make interpretation easier.

Moving ahead, Hardik shared about the roles and permission which gives better control over defining who can access what. He also gave a detailed explanation of more extensive reseller module available in the ASTPP 4.0. The operation of changing language is way easier and matter of a few clicks than earlier.

As per the shared details, the ASTPP 4.0 gives an advanced live call monitoring feature, which also allow single click hang up for an ongoing call. The call barring and DID management is also introduced with enhanced capabilities to benefit the service providers with advanced features.

The ASTPP 4.0 introduces a new module, called, Product. It is developed by merging some modules already available in ASTPP 3.6, plus, with some value added features. This module is developed to provide simplified operations related to different products. It allows a provider to manage multiple products with ease from a single location. Also, some of the products can be kept exclusive and not made it available for reselling to have a unique and an exclusive business model.

The ASTPP 4.0 has enhanced Order module which provides summary and detailed view of different modules. The Rate group and localization are two more highlighted features which are considered to be the key features in this open source VoIP billing solution.

As the ASTPP 4.0 has introduced the concept of add-ons, Mr. Hardik Patel, shown a demo video on how one can add an add-on in the ASTPP 4.0. The add-ons are available as community add-ons and enterprise add-ons. The community members can also add their own add-ons in the ASTPP 4.0.

The whole session was focused on showing the major features available in the ASTPP 4.0 and how it can benefit the businesses.

You can have a look at the screenshots used to provide the walkthrough of the ASTPP 4.0: A Smart TelePhony Platform here:


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