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VoIP PBX: Grow Your Business with ASTPP

  • January 24, 2022

ASTPP is a smart telephony platform. It has an array of telecom software solutions to offer to its clients. A multi-tenant VoIP PBX platform is one of the solutions offered by ASTPP to its enterprise version users. It is available as one of the enterprise add-ons. There are many advantages of using this platform and it can help any business to grow rapidly.

What is a VoIP PBX solution?

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange. It offers a private telephony network to a business. It uses internet protocol to run voice calls over SIP lines. Thus, it is also known as an IP PBX solution. Some service providers also refer to it as a class 5 Softswitch software solution.

You can use it for business communication or to offer IP calling services.

How does this platform help a business to grow?

1. Add value-added communication features

This add-on provides rich communication and collaboration features to its users. Businesses can enrich their business calls with clients, partners, vendors, investors, etc. by using a powerful telecom solution.

Key features available in this multi-tenant IP PBX software are listed below:

  • IVR
  • Direct inward dialing numbers
  • Call waiting
  • Call forwarding
  • Time-based call distribution
  • Call queues
  • Ring group
  • Find me, follow me
  • Call recording
  • Voicemail
  • Call park and pickup
  • SIP extensions
  • Call detail reports
  • And more

2. Reduce telecommunication expenses

This platform uses SIP-based calling, which will reduce calling expenses drastically low. You can use VoIP termination routes and SIP extensions to reduce telecommunication costs. The multi-tenant PBX software offered by ASTPP supports an extension to extension calling, which can make internal telecom costs zero.

It is a software platform, so a business can further save on hardware and other infrastructure items. You may use a PC telephone dialer instead of IP phones to reduce expenses even further.

3. Provide business telephony service to earn added revenue

As mentioned earlier, it is a FreeSWITCH multi-tenant IP PBX solution. ASTPP also provides enterprise and open-source telecom billing platforms that can be integrated with this class 5 Softswitch software. This platform, with an integrated enterprise or open source billing solution, allows users to offer VoIP services. You can run a business as one of the business VoIP providers and launch a new revenue generation channel.


In conclusion, a VoIP PBX solution offered by ASTPP can help you increase your revenues by enriching your business communication. It offers value-added features with a reduced cost of communication. This software is a multi-tenant platform. Thus, it can also offer VoIP calling services to other businesses and SOHO (small office/home office). You can also integrate other software available in ASTPP with this platform to launch more revenue generation channels.

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