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Which VoIP Billing Solutions and Softswitch Are Compatible?

  • January 20, 2023

VoIP technology has made it easier for users to manage routine operations in a business in a streamlined and simplified manner. A VoIP billing solution is one of the VoIP solutions that are renowned for transforming routine invoicing and billing processes. This software is useful to use with any VoIP software, especially, when it is used to offer some sort of VoIP services. For service providers that use VoIP Softswitch solutions, using a VoIP billing platform is inevitable. 

When you look for a billing system, you will get several options for VoIP billing solutions. It is necessary to find the most compatible system for your retail and wholesale Softswitch solution. Now, you must be wondering which VoIP billing software is the best for your Softswitch. 

Here is how you can find the best VoIP billing software that is compatible with your Softswitch. 

Technology independent 

Majorly, you will find an Asterisk billing solution and FreeSWITCH billing software. Now, if your VoIP development company has used Asterisk to build the VoIP Softswitch solution, then you must be thinking that your billing system also has to be an Asterisk billing solution. However, this is not true. It can be the FreeSWITCH billing software. The major thing to keep in mind is that your billing software should not be dependent on the technology of your platform and class 4 or class 5 Softswitch solution. 

Scalable solution 

Another feature of the compatible VoIP billing solution is scalability. Usually, the Softswitch system is highly scalable to match the business growth model. Thus, a compatible VoIP billing platform has to match this scalability standard. A Softswitch based service provider cannot continue changing this software as business grows. Thus, it is necessary to find and use the most scalable solution. 


To seamlessly run a VoIP service business and keep billing streamlined, the best VoIP billing platform has to be highly flexible to provide the required features. These features must fit rate cards and packages based on the changing market needs. Moreover, it should allow VoIP providers to continue changing the billing clauses if required. 


The compatible VoIP billing software is also a robust system for retail and wholesale Softswitch solutions. It can handle a large volume of data, calls, billing clauses, VoIP minutes, etc. The compatible billing platform is robust enough to accommodate this massive data and process invoices for customers. 


The billing system has to be secure as it includes some sensitive data of customers and businesses. Moreover, this software is also responsible for providing online payment processing. Thus, a compatible system will be highly secure. 

Concluding notes 

The best billing and invoicing platform is compatible if it contains all characteristics mentioned in this blog post. ASTPP is a classic example of one of the best VoIP billing solutions for class 4 and class 5 Softswitch solutions. This VoIP billing solution is compatible with any Softswitch, including, open source and third party. It can be integrated with any Softswitch. It is available as an open source and enterprise system. To know more about this VoIP billing and invoicing system, contact us.