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ASTPP Open Source Billing Solution: Pal of Resellers

  • October 2, 2018

ASTPP is a comprehensive open source VoIP Billing solution. It is developed for FreeSWITCH based VoIP solutions. As per the statistics, it is in the list of the top 3 VoIP billing solution, including, open source and proprietary. It is the most user friendly, robust, scalable and secure system. It is the perfect Billing Solution for wholesale, retail and other service providers. All these facts are known to everyone, but do you know ASTPP is best for the resellers, business affiliates and channel partners. That’s the reason ASTPP is known as Pal of the Resellers. Wondering, why? Let me share the top 3 reasons that prove that ASTPP: FreeSWITCH billing software is the best buddy of resellers.

Assure the best interest of the reseller

Each reseller always has a fear of losing clients to the main service provider. Even if the service provider is good, the reseller has this insecurity at a certain level. The ASTPP understands this and that’s why it offers an independent reseller module. The reseller can easily white label it with his own brand identity from top to bottom. He can create his own rate cards, tariffs, taxation, set up fee, etc. The beauty of ASTPP: Billing Solution is that all the details set at the reseller end will be hidden from the main service provider. The main service provider can’t see or get an access to the customers or other business details set by the service provider, which is not possible with proprietary billing software. The proprietary billing solutions always have that hole that can give access to customer information to the main service provider, if he really wants!

ASTPP provides independent and secure work model and architecture to both reseller and main service provider.

Streamline and automate operations of reseller and Service Provider

The ASTPP assures benefits of both, reseller and vendor aka main service provider because the community that developed this powerful VoIP billing software believes in building a win win situation for all. Thus, this solution is developed to protect the best interest of both service providers and resellers. The ASTPP billing software has features of automated invoicing and billing for both service provider and reseller. On a specific billing day, the reseller will be billed for used services by himself and all his customers. Of course, the service provider will not get to know the number of customers the reseller has, but the billing and system usage will be streamlined. Likewise, the customers of the reseller will be billed automatically on their billing date without any involvement or knowledge of the service provider .

All operations such as call routing, rating, invoicing, billing, etc. will be performed in sync and that, too, seamlessly.

Provide Unlimited Opportunities to grow

The ASTPP is an open source VoIP billing solution and offers many benefits to its users.

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One of the major benefits is it is free to use. Thus, the reseller can have better ROI. Moreover, it provides unlimited customers and use of this billing platform. Thus, the reseller can grow its business without worrying about anything such as capacity, security, etc. Furthermore, it is a complete solution that is furnished with the features of all different types of businesses, so the reseller can add an additional business once he is good with the one he initially started. For example, if the reseller starts with selling retail VoIP calling services, he can later add wholesale business as well. In a nutshell, it offers endless opportunities to grow.

Concluding Notes

The ASTPP is the most powerful billing software that is developed by expert developers worldwide. It is developed to resolve the pain points of the resellers along with the service providers and end users. Thus, it is the perfect solution that supports the reseller model at its best. In fact, it is the only open source billing software that provides extensive features to reseller module.

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