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FreeSWITCH Billing Solution

An Extensive Range of Billing & Invoicing Features Incorporated into a FreeSWITCH Billing System to Streamline Business.

FreeSWITCH Billing Software

Billing is a vital business function in any industry and when it is referred to as the VoIP industry, it becomes a more intricate job. In any VoIP business, the billing calculations are habitually complicated because it involves different numbers, rates, subscription, taxation, and other charges. For the definite growth and expansion of a business, an automated billing system is a must, which is provisioned by ASTPP FreeSWITCH billing software.   This solution is a high performance billing system, which is built with the powerful characteristics of the FreeSWITCH platform. It can be used for wholesale and retail VoIP businesses to automate the most crucial job of accurately billing customers and assisting them with on-time and secure payment processing for their bills. This high performance FreeSWITCH billing software is a perfect fit for any scaled business to leverage the power of modernized VoIP billing, invoicing, payment processing, and multiple other features. 

FreeSWITCH Billing Solution Features

Prepaid / Postpaid Accounts

Prepaid / Postpaid Accounts

Thrive in your business by integrating a seamless billing system for prepaid and postpaid users. 
Reseller Management ​

Reseller Management

Grow your business rapidly by building a huge reseller network and managing them intuitively.  

Package/Subscription Management

Design different subscription models and packages to make your offerings more alluring. 
Rate Management

Rate Management

Simplified rate card management and mapping with different user accounts for automated billing. 
Routing Management ​

Routing Management

Take advantage of inbuilt call routing strategies and billing to delight your clients and resellers.   

DID Management

An integrated DID number management solution gives a whole new branch of the revenue generation model. 
Billing and Invoicing ​

Billing and Invoicing ​

Completely automated billing and invoicing processes to let you focus on your core strength. 

Payment Gateways

Automate bill payments with a secure billing system having integrated payment gateways as per your preference.  
Real Time Billing ​

Real Time Billing

Always offer reliable and delighting services without compromising over your revenue model with real time billing. 


Build a great brand as a trusted provider by using and offering a highly secured FreeSWITCH billing solution. 

E.164 Normalization (Localization)

Automatically localize the number with the global format using the most efficient FreeSWITCH billing software.  

Email, SMS, Push Notifications

Always receive active updates about system performance and other aspects of businesses with real time alerts. 

Multi-Currency & Multi-Timezone Support

Automated invoicing and billing are available for all geographical regions with support for multiple time zones and currencies. 


Always stay a high performing business by taking a deep look at an extensive range of system generated reports. 


Integrate ASTPP FreeSWITCH billing software with any VoIP solution to automate the whole billing process. 

Expand your solution with readymade addons

Multi Tenant IP PBX

Multi Tenant IP PBX

Provide rich communication solution based services along with running wholesale VoIP business using our multi tenant IP PBX solution. 
Virtual Fax

Virtual Fax

Provide digital faxing experience and the liberty of sending faxes remotely to your clients with a powerful fax over IP solution. 


Streamline managing technical support requests and track productivity with this system.
Number Portability

Number Portability

Let your clients use the same number and enjoy the services of their preferred carriers using a number portability solution. 

Benefits of FreeSWITCH Billing Solution

Simplified Management

Simplified Management

An intuitively designed user interface for admin, resellers, and customers for seamless administration. 
High Uptime SLA

High Uptime SLA

Guaranteed customer satisfaction with a service level agreement for uptime up to 99.95%


Simplify and enhance VoIP billing functions and management with an automated billing solution.  
Multiple Call Routing Rules

Multiple Call Routing Rules

Integrated call routing rules with different strategies to capture more clients and ROI opportunities. 
Save Money

Save Money

Keep increasing ROI by saving more funds with simplified management and automated operations. 
High Scalability

High Scalability

Keep growing in leaps and bounds with a high performance and high scalability billing system.

What Customers Say


It is a VoIP billing system that is developed using FreeSWITCH as the base VoIP development platform. A FreeSWITCH billing system can manage more customers, calls, and processing with the standard server configurations. It is also more scalable compared to the Asterisk billing system.  

ASTPP FreeSWITCH billing software is platform independent, and it can be used with any VoIP solution regardless of the technology used to build the software. It can also be used to run wholesale, retail, or hybrid business models.  

There are several outstanding offerings available with the FreeSWITCH billing system: 

    • It offers real time billing 
    • It has multiple call routing strategies 
    • It has community and enterprise editions 
    • It has several inbuilt VoIP solutions like DID management, calling card management, etc. 
    • It is a highly scalable, secure, and robust 

To use the community version of ASTPP’s FreeSWITCH billing software, you can download the software and install it to use from the community. To download the open source version, click here. 

To use an enterprise edition of this FreeSWITCH billing software, you can connect with our team. The team will help you with further details and installation. To initiate the discussion, contact us. 

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