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How Does FreeSWITCH Service Affect the Success of an Organization?

  • March 28, 2022

FreeSWITCH is an advanced VoIP technology that each VoIP service provider adores. Any VoIP based communication solution can be built with FreeSWITCH development services, be it a FreeSWITCH billing software solution, contact center software, class 5 Softswitch software, or anything else.

There are some VoIP solution service providers that offer FreeSWITCH service depending on the needs of the business. In multiple ways, the FreeSWITCH service can help businesses get benefits and contribute to the success of an organization.

FreeSWITCH Service for the Success of an Organization

1. Reduced costing

By using service from a reliable FreeSWITCH service provider one thing can be assured that the best services will be available at your disposal. The FreeSWITCH development services outsourced to a reliable company are often cheaper compared to hiring an in-house FreeSWITCH developer and providing him or her all required infrastructure to perform better.

Using services for building any FreeSWITCH solution provides cost-effectiveness as the first and foremost benefit. Businesses can then utilize the saved money for marketing, expansion, etc., ensuring success.

2. Access to a pool of talent

When an organization decides to use FreeSWITCH service over an in-house team or other options, they have access to a pool of talented FreeSWITCH developers. These developers usually have versatile skills. FreeSWITCH billing software to SIP trunk software, wholesale Softswitch, fax voice over IP, contact center software, and any other VoIP solution with excellent features can be built using the services from experts.

3. Excellent performance of software

FreeSWITCH has earned renown for its exceptional performance. For example, if an Asterisk billing solution or Asterisk call center solution can manage 250 concurrent calls on a server with predefined configuration, then a FreeSWITCH billing software solution or FreeSWITCH based call center solution can handle 500 concurrent calls with the same configuration. This not only reduces the cost to use as capital investment for business success, but it also helps in improving customer satisfaction by offering the excellent performance of the software.

4. Stability and scalability

FreeSWITCH based solutions such as FreeSWITCH billing open source software would be more stable and scalable compared to its Asterisk version. FreeSWITCH possesses a distinct administration of its own resources. Moreover, core functionality manages shared resources through a layered API. This gives better stability to the software and gives access to crystal clear voice and high definition video.

A highly scalable solution considers FreeSWITCH. Whether you use on-premise or cloud solutions, it will benefit you with excellent scalability. This will support your rapid business success and growth.


To provide a stable, secure, versatile, and performance-driven platform to run businesses, the team launched FreeSWITCH. Any solution built using this software guarantees exceptional performance, stability, and scalability. Unlike using in-house resources, using FreeSWITCH development services or similar services can help you leverage multiple other advantages along with benefits related to this VoIP platform.

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