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We Are Working Remote due to COVID 19 with the Help of ASTPP 4

  • March 24, 2020

Everyone is aware of the Pandemic created by Coronavirus. Thousands of people have lost their lives and millions are suffering. Still, there is no vaccine for this virus and it is getting spread in communities. Thus, the only option left behind to us is taking preliminary steps to stop the spread of this virus and ultimately restrict cases of COVID 19.

Our official team headquarter is in India and within a few days in India, hundreds of COVID 19 cases are registered. We have also lost 10 people until now. The rate of COVID19 cases is increasing and by keeping everyone’s safety in mind, we are announcing “Shut Down of the Physical Office”. Please stay assured that our team is not stopping the work. They will work remotely for an uncertain timeline.

“We have hundreds of enterprise version users for this smart VoIP solution so we need to provide support services to them. Thus, we are going to stay available. The only thing is our team will work remotely. It will not create any big difference in the responses and resolutions. On the other hand, our development team is working on building the next set of features for the next version release. In a nutshell, we are in the remote working model, but definitely, we have not stopped the work”, shared Mr. Samir Doshi, Community Leader, ASTPP.

The ASTPP team is going to use its different add-ons and premium solutions to empower remote work model during this time of self-quarantine. The spokesperson of the community shared some details on how they will take care of productivity during this time.

1. Security measures

The team has set up a completely private cloud network along with some added security measures to assure that everything is safe and sound even when the team ASTPP accesses it via their home network. Furthermore, Fraud Detection add-on is enabled to detect any fraud activities at any end.

2. Communication at its best

As per the shared details, ongoing and uninterrupted communication is very much important to make the work from home model successful while all team members are working remotely. To make sure the communication is prompt and quality as well as secure, the ASTPP team is going to use the following offerings of ASTPP:


Mobile SIP dialer


It is a premium solution of ASTPP. The team has handed over with a white label mobile SIP dialer so they can take the calls of the customers as well as have a chat or voice call based conversation with the team members as and when needed. They can take the calls even when they are not in front of their system. This will make sure all the important conversations are attended.


Multi tenant IP PBX

It is an enterprise add-on of ASTPP 4. This is used to provide advanced communication features to the team. It has all the communication and collaboration features to cater to customer calls. At the same time, it is a multi-tenant solution so the company can control all usages of the system to assure productivity.

You can also get benefited from ASTPP 4 while working remotely. Contact us for more details.