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Overcome The Disadvantages And Improve the Quality Of VoIP Softswitch

  • April 19, 2022

Each VoIP solution has its vital place in the maze of the VoIP telecommunication arena. The VoIP Softswitch solutions have a crucial place and role in the VoIP telephony industry. There are many advantages of using third party or open source Softswitch solutions with customized features to run wholesale and residential businesses.

Even if the VoIP Softswitch providers offer reliable and robust platforms, it is necessary to focus on the disadvantages of these solutions and overcome them to improve quality and returns.

Major disadvantages of VoIP Softswitch solutions

Depending on the solution used by a VoIP service provider, it may have some pros and cons. In this article, we will cover commonly experienced disadvantages along with the solution to overcome those cons.

1. Outdated or complicated platform

Many businesses are still using an outdated version of a Softswitch open source platform, even if you can use the smart telephony platform with smart features of the wholesale or retail switch. This can slow down the system and growth while competing with the best VoIP service providers.

  • Get the best and most advanced platform to improve the quality of your switch.

2. Missing integrated billing system 

In both, wholesale and retail VoIP businesses, a feature rich VoIP billing system is a must. The FreeSWITCH billing platform can do a miracle because of its amazing stability and robustness. Still, many businesses are still not using an integrated billing Softswitch.

  • Get the VoIP billing FreeSWITCH solution and integrate it with your switch or get an integrated switch with the best billing system.

3. Poor system architecture 

Some of the major quality and performance issues faced by the businesses appear due to poor system architecture. This not only reduces quality, but also negatively affects the performance of the best switch solution. It can also increase the use of hardware and other operational expenses.

  • Use professional VoIP consultancy service to design well defined system architecture.
  • The system must use a cluster and high availability setup with a reliable failover system.

4. Poor scalability 

Retail and wholesale calling businesses are rapidly moving towards success. Due to the abundant advantages of using SIP telephony, many businesses and end users have started adopting SIP solutions such as a multi tenant PBX solution, dialer software for PC, etc. To provide uninterruptible services to these customers, it is necessary to have a scalable retail or wholesale Softswitch solution. But, still, it is missing.

  • Use the most robust and highly scalable switch.
  • If you don’t have one, upgrade or switch to a scalable solution.


If you want to skyrocket your business growth and if you are in a wholesale or retail VoIP business running as a VoIP service provider, then you have to focus on using the best Softswitch billing solution. It must have advanced features with exceptional scalability. Thus, using a Softswitch with integrated FreeSWITCH billing software can be beneficial.

You can also use a VoIP consultancy service from the best VoIP service provider for architecture design and implementation. 

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