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Reports and Alerts

Reports play a very important role in business to gauge performance of the business as well as aid future business decisions. ASTPP experts understand the importance of reports and that’s why this Powerful Telephony System with an integrated comprehensive billing solution gives all required metrics arranged in a range of well formatted reports. All the reports can be exported in CSV format for further use and future references:
Summary report
Summary report
ACD (Average Call Duration)
MCD (Max Call Display)
Billable Seconds
Advance live call report
Live call information with details of
Call rates
Barge-in to live call

Hangup live call

Audit log report
Product usage report
Email history report
Payment report
Commission report
Low Balance Report
Activity Report
On the other hand, to keep you and your managers aware of new happenings and to alert you in case of suspicious activities, ASTPP provides real time alerts on occurrence of different events in your business. You can enable or disable different real time events via System Settings / Configuration module in your ASTPP account.
New purchase
Low balance
Bill payment

And many more

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