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Account Management

All businesses have different level of managers who generally hold different roles and responsibilities and VoIP businesses are not an exception. In the VoIP industry, there are many internal professionals within an organization to take care of specific operations, which are further associated with different business entities. To make this hierarchical business model easily manageable, ASTPP introduced different accounts. Each account has its own set of features needed to take care of relevant business operations. The complete system control stays in command of the Super Admin account. The Roles and Responsibilities can be assigned or revoked by the higher level accounts. This Account system helps businesses to run their VoIP business in the most professional and streamlined manner.

Super Admin

Create, manage and Control Admin account(s)
Control of complete system, all accounts and all modules
Email Broadcasting to customers
And many more


Create and manage the system and accounts as per the assigned Permission and Role
Assign Roles and Permissions to Reseller and Customer Accounts
Email broadcasting
And many more


ASTPP support two types of resellers:

Commission based
Each reseller can have any combination of below mentioned features subject to Role and Permissions assigned by the Admin:  
Unlimited multilayer reseller support
Postpaid reseller
Prepaid reseller
Independent Management controls for
  • Customers
  • Rate groups / Tariff
  • Call rates
  • Invoices and Billing
Personalization with Company name and address
Invoice prefix
And many more

Customer / Provider

The customer, can also be a provider in wholesale VoIP business model, can have different features based on the Role and Permissions assigned by the Admin or Reseller. The Role and Permissions of the customer / provider often get defined by the subscription model of the customer such as, Postpaid or Prepaid customer.
IP based authentication
SIP device management
Customer portal
Interconnect billing
And many more