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Payment Gateway

ASTPP is the only VoIP platform that allows admin and its resellers to have individual payment gateway configurations for payment processing. ASTPP supports all popular payment gateways. Configure the payment method preferred by your customers to have seamless payment processing.

Let your customers recharge and top up their accounts in real time with this feature of ASTPP. Customers can also take advantage of simplified and auto payment processing options.
Admin/ Reseller:
Payment method integration for admin (PayPal/ Stripe)
Payment method integration for reseller (PayPal/ Stripe)
Secure payment processing with 3D secure payment processing method
Save multiple credit and debit cards
Set a default card
Use internet banking and wallet options for payment processing
Set auto recharge functionality in the account
Set daily limit for maximum auto recharge

Related Features

Stripe has been a popular payment processing gateway.

Payfast is a flexible payment solutions for any business.

Paypal is default gateway of ASTPP system.

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