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Call Forwarding Solution to Maximize Connectivity

Increase reach, Seize every opportunity, and Optimize communication with the power of our call forwarding solution.

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What Is Call Forwarding?

The VoIP call forwarding facility allows you to seamlessly redirect incoming calls to any other VoIP or PSTN number without acknowledging the caller. 


We will deploy the solution on your server.


We will configure numbers and forwarding rules.

Ongoing Use

Deliver seamless services to your clients.

Innovative Features of our VoIP Phone Call Forwarding Solution

Main Dashboard 

Graphical representation and statistics of important data related to VoIP phone call forwarding to give you a glance at performance.

Call Forwarding 

Set up call forwarding rules to forward a call to any destination, including, SIP URI, PRI, Internal extension, IVR, Voicemail, or ring group.


Gain access to insightful data based on historical performance of different numbers, call forwarding rules, and more. 

VoIP Call Forwarding
Caller ID Authentication

Flexible Call Forwarding

Define flexible forwarding rules to forward calls to a predefined number or a ring group to ensure you minimize disruption and maximize control and collaboration. 

Digital Signature and Call Verification

Conditional Call Forwarding

Configure multiple condition based rules to ensure connectivity. Ring time out, busy lines, off-working hours, and multiple other conditions are supported. 

Call Analytics

Concurrent Calls Control

Take advantage of VoIP call forwarding to enjoy managing multiple calls in parallel with a single phone number. Increase control without increasing complexity. 

Identity Validation

Daily Calls Limit Control

Define daily call forwarding limit to safeguard the system and business from any potential attack and fraud. Keep budget and productivity under control. 


Priority & Round robin Calling

Forward priority calls with a past interaction history to the direct extension with priority forwarding or put it in the queue with round robin forwarding. 


No records limit

Alleviate all restrictions or limits with an unlimited call forwarding feature. No record limit ensures that your team is productive and reachable whenever your client needs it. 

How to Set Up VoIP Call Forwarding with ASTPP?

One of the best call forwarding solutions provides a GUI based web app to configure call forwarding rules and monitor them. Our team will guide you through the entire process. 

We will do the groundwork for you, so you can unlock the power of PRI or Virtual phone number with call forwarding features. 

Call Forwarding for your Business

Benefits of Call Forwarding Solution for your Business

Our VoIP phone call forwarding system increases the advantages of virtual office call forwarding, so that you can optimize workforce and resource utilization. Let’s take a look at the major advantages of using this powerful solution.

Reduced Manual Efforts

Eliminate the need to have a human receptionist to transfer calls or a telephone operator to manage incoming calls and connect to available agents.

Faster Resolution

Increase customer satisfaction by providing them with a quicker resolution to concerns by connecting them to the right agent almost immediately.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Reduce employee attrition rate by providing them the flexibility to work remotely, enjoy work life balance, and keep personal numbers private.

Support during Odd Hours

Don’t stop your clients just because your team is not working. Connect with self-serving options like an IVR to provide support even during off hours.

Eliminate Missed Calls

Remove the hassle and implication of missing important calls from clients. Connect them with the right agent or to an IVR or voicemail.

Smart Call Management

Route calls as per the working hours of the day or shifts of the team to ensure that the team is ready and prepared, and clients are attended to seamlessly.

Call Forwarding Solution

What Customers Say


Call forwarding is a feature available in call forwarding solutions. This feature redirects incoming calls from one phone number to another designated number or an IVR or voicemail. 

With VoIP phone call forwarding, calls made to a virtual phone number are automatically routed to another phone number, such as a mobile device or landline, based on predefined configurations. This allows users to receive calls from anywhere, as long as they have access to an internet connection. Virtual phone numbers with call forwarding provide businesses with flexibility and accessibility, enabling them to stay connected and never miss important calls, regardless of location. 

Call forwarding solutions automate the process of VoIP call forwarding. The major steps involved are listed below: 

  • Define the source numbers: All incoming calls coming to this number will be forwarded to the designated destination. 
  • Define forwarding rule: Either condition based or simple forwarding rule can be defined. For example, based on the availability of the line, based on time of the day, based on the priority, etc., you can define the forwarding rule. 
  • Define destination: The last step involves defining the destination of the incoming call, which can be another virtual number, direct number, IVR, voicemail, or ring group. 

ASTPP provides a GUI based VoIP phone call forwarding solution. Our team will deploy and configure the solution for you on your server. Using its GUI based panel, you can create more call forwarding rules and even edit existing rules.

Technically, the best call forwarding solutions have no limits in forwarding any number of calls or even in managing concurrent calls. However, if you are using a virtual phone number with call forwarding, then there can be limits from your provider of the virtual number. Likewise, there can be some infrastructure related limitations. Our engineers will share the details once they assess your requirements. 

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