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SIP Trunking Solution

Exponentially Boost Your SIP Business Growth with Our Tailored SIP Trunking Solution Built to Deliver World Class Experience.

SIP Trunking Platform

Reflect on your vision and futuristic business agendas in your business infrastructure and start by switching to one of the best SIP trunking solutions in the industry. Run a seamless SIP trunking business to let your customers rely upon a more resilient and future proof way of communicating at lower costs. Extend a hand to businesses that want to switch from their traditional telephony system to SIP based communication solution and leverage the advantages of a host of features it brings to the table with an easy to use SIP trunking platform.

Our solution makes it easier to manage all business aspects related to running a seamless SIP trunking and communication service provider business in the VoIP arena. From managing customers, vendors, and resellers to offering DID numbers, automated call routing, automatic billing, and several other features are integrated into this platform to make your life and business a breeze. Impress your clients with unique features and exceptional quality of service and enjoy a high customer retention rate and loyalty along with growing revenue generating opportunities.

Wholesale SIP Trunking Features

Simplified SIP Trunking Business Management

Admin and Sub-admin Management

Create and control admin and sub-admin accounts at your fingertips with a GUI based panel and a range of inbuilt features.

N Level Reseller Management

Let you and your resellers grow manifold with an intuitive platform that simplifies the management of any number of resellers.

Customer Management

Delight your clients with a host of highly technical features availed of within a completely simplified manner in a GUI panel.

Prepaid / Postpaid Accounts

Provide services to prepaid and postpaid users and manage their accounts, bills, and other services with the utmost quality.

Routing Management ​

Use different automated call distribution strategies integrated into the software to design attractive packages to delight clients.

Rate Management

Stand out with your unique rate cards having diverse offerings bundled with a range of features available in the SIP trunking solution.

DID Management

Manage and run a seamless DID number management business with a GUI platform used to administer bulk and individual numbers.

Billing and Invoicing ​

Put all resources into handling customer care and business expansion while the system automates billing and invoicing for you.

Payment Gateways

Enjoy online and secured payment processing with default payment gateways integrated into the SIP trunking platform.

Fraud Detection

Automate detecting fraud and hack attempts and restrict them with an intuitive fraud detection and management solution.

Real Time Billing

Don’t let your customers enjoy calling features even with a negative balance by standardizing the process with real time billing.

E.164 Normalization (Localization)

Let your clients enjoy seamless communication without worrying about dialing the number in the correct format with localization.

Email, SMS, Push Notifications

Always stay alert with real time notifications sent through multiple communication channels: system notifications, email, and SMS.


Let the system automate billing without worrying about different currencies in different countries with multiple currency support.


A wide range of reports gives an overview and detailed insight into all major performance criteria to keep the business strategic and profitable.


Enjoy a highly flexible system allowing you to integrate any third party API or system to augment existing business models.

 Scalable / High Availability

Persistent growth and a definitive standard of service will be backed with a highly scalable system and an SLA of HA up to 99.95%.

Quality of Service (QoS)

Remove all hindrances coming across to provide a high quality service to your clients with an engaging solution.

Expand your solution with readymade addons

Streamline managing technical support requests and track productivity with this system.
Stripe Payment Gateway
Make payment processing easier for clients with a popular payment gateway Stripe.
Country Report

Make decision making and growth presentation more effective with graphical and standard country specific reports. 

Take advantage of the WHMCS platform within this retail Softswitch with an integrated system.

Benefits of SIP Trunking Software

Simplified Management 

GUI system to administer all aspects of wholesale VoIP Softswitch and business. 

High Uptime SLA 

Enjoy the superior quality of service with an excellent service level agreement for uptime up to 99%. 


Automate various jobs from billing to monitoring to make operations efficient and cost effective. 

Multiple Call Routing Rules 

Define business based on unique call routing strategies for diverse revenue generation. 

Save Money 

Save upfront and ongoing costs on software and infrastructure with this C4 wholesale Softswitch. 

High Scalability 

Enjoy the growth of your business with the backed system support using this robust Softswitch. 

Why Choose ASTPP For SIP Trunking Solution?

The benefits of SIP trunking are numerous and offer significant advantages for businesses. One major benefit to look out for is cost savings. SIP trunking eliminates the need for traditional telephone lines, reducing communication expenses and enabling businesses to make cost-effective long-distance and international calls. Additionally, it provides scalability, allowing businesses to easily adjust their call capacity based on demand, ensuring optimal resource utilization. SIP trunking also enhances flexibility by enabling employees to make and receive calls from any location with an internet connection. Furthermore, it supports the integration of various communication channels, streamlining business operations. With its advanced features and efficiency, SIP trunking empowers businesses to enhance their communication capabilities, increase productivity, and drive overall growth.


What Customers Say


SIP is an acronym for Session Initiation Protocol, which is a layer that allows businesses to initiate, carry out, and end calls using internet protocols rather than TDM (Time Division Multiplexing). SIP trunking is a service offered by communication or VoIP service providers to businesses and end users that want to use a range of communication features and benefits of SIP calls. SIP trunking enables connection between DID numbers, as well as, DID number and PSTN numbers along with offering a range of communication features at lower expenses.

It is a GUI based platform that is built for VoIP service providers that want to offer SIP trunking services to their global customers. It provides ease of management to administer and run a business by coordinating with different providers and vendors and catering to several global customers with the provision of an extensive range of features.

SIP trunking provides a digitized solution to businesses to connect digital and telephony devices over internet protocol to establish a VoIP connection. Using this solution ensures that a business can leverage all advantages related to a VoIP based calling solution. This business phone solution is highly scalable and reliable.

Depending on the use cases of a business, the advantages of SIP trunking can differ. The major and globally available advantages of a SIP trunking solution for end users are listed hereunder:

High efficiency and reliability

Lower expenses

Virtual presence and mobility

Extensive communication features

Simplified management of communication infrastructure

High uptime

Excellent scalability

And more

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