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Invoicing and Billing

Fundamentally, ASTPP originated as a VoIP billing solution for FreeSWITCH based solutions used in retail and wholesale VoIP service providers businesses. The latest version of ASTPP continues its tradition of providing the most powerful FreeSWITCH billing solution to its users. This open source VoIP billing solution can be used with its other telephony features as well as in the form of an independent billing solution that can be integrated with any FreeSWITCH software to take benefits of advanced and smart invoicing and billing features availed in the ASTPP.

ASTPP is the first ever VoIP billing software which allows configuration of invoicing, billing and white label elements at both, main service provider aka admin account and Reseller account level. This characteristic of ASTPP allows the businesses to take and give the advantage of white label reseller services.
The billing module lets its users (admin / reseller) apply various basic settings related to invoicing and billing as well as from this module, the users can also automate the process of invoicing and billing.

Configuration of

One time taxations amount
CDR charge
Product subscription fee
Product package fee
DID number charge
Post charges
Invoice generation mode (Confirmed or Draft)
Invoice generation for accounts with no usage

Customer wise Invoice date settin

Due date reminder
Send email upon invoice generation

Reseller account level configuration for

Company name and address to be included in the customer invoice
Invoice prefix
DID numbers
Due date
Invoice management
Receipt management
And many more

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