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ASTPP is fundamentally Open Source VoIP invoicing and billing software which is now empowered with many advanced modules. These modules make ASTPP a complete comprehensive solutions for any independent business who want to use FreeSWITCH based Smart TelePhony solution as well as for the wholesale and residential VoIP service providers that want to run an ever growing VoIP business domestically or internationally.

ASTPP supports multilayer hierarchical user types (Super Admin, Admin, Reseller, Customer), each labeled as an individual account with a different set of features. Each account holds different roles and permissions controlled by the higher level account.

The complete calling card business with / without reseller module can flourish with all-embracing feature range offered by ASTPP in its calling card module to manage, control and run various operations related to calling cards.
One can configure different rate groups and tariff plans with a few clicks. The rate groups and tariffs can be created, assigned and managed swiftly. The admin and reseller can also create independent rate groups and tariff plans.
The call routing aka distribution strategy influences many factors in the VoIP business such as, call rates, customer experience, call quality and more. Thus, ASTPP allows businesses to take benefits of basic to advanced call routing strategies built with smart algorithms.
Each business model is different and so does the type of customers in one group. Thus, ASTPP allows businesses to configure different types of rates based on different criteria still the invoicing and billing will be automated and accurate.
Get complete command over your DID business with a wide array of features availed to manage, control and run DID business successfully. It supports all types of DIDs for residential and wholesale business models.
Enjoy benefits related to multiple product support with complete control over invoice, reselling and usage of different products to assure better product management with centralized command on individual products.
An extensive range of features to generate, control and automate invoicing and billing process in the VoIP business. Resellers can apply their own settings to use white label reselling business benefits.
Get an extensive range of reports to stay well informed and well aware of the business performance. Get real time alerts via SMS and email on trigger of the specific events.
All system level configurations and settings can be applied through the system setting / configuration module. These settings get applied to all accounts until the subaccount applies new overlapping settings, if allowed to.
Receive payment by configuring PayPal account. Independent PayPal account integration is enabled to benefit both, main service provider and reseller.
ASTPP is the only VoIP platform that allows admin and its resellers to have individual payment gateway configurations for payment processing. ASTPP supports all popular payment gateways.

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