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DID Management Solution

Streamline Management of Your DID Number Business with an Intuitive Platform and Channelize Growth and Expansion Efforts.

Direct Inward Dialing Number Management System

DID (Direct Inward Dialing) numbers are popular among business users. DID, which is also known as the virtual number, is used to eliminate call queues and let customers directly connect with the right agent or executive. There is a huge demand for DID numbers and this gives wings to the VoIP business branch of DID solution providers.

We offer a feature rich DID number management solution, which lets providers seamlessly manage DID numbers, a range of virtual numbers, and extensions. These numbers can be managed in bulk or as independent numbers. Our DID number management software lets you manage DID numbers and provision the same within a single screen. This software has a range of features that make management of the whole business simplified and empower virtual number providers to run businesses in multiple geographies. The billing process will be automated with an integrated VoIP billing solution. DID providers can now enjoy the benefits of reduced expenses and increased revenue with the best in the industry direct inward dialing number management software.

DID Management Solution Features

Simplified DID Business Management

Create DID

You can create and manage virtual numbers in bulk and independently. You can also manage the import and export of numbers with a GUI.

Assign to Customers

Assign a DID number or a group of DID numbers to the predefined customers along with your offerings to run a hassle-free business.

Receive Recurring Revenue

Run a DID management business on autopilot mode and enjoy a steady stream of revenue generation with our system.
Single Bulk Assign

Single / Bulk Assign

Assign a single number to a customer or a group of DID numbers to a business to use multiple DID numbers and extensions with a mouse click.
Single / Bulk Purchase

Single / Bulk Purchase

Manage multiple vendors within the DID platform from whom you purchase individual or bulk virtual numbers.
DID Call Billing

DID Call Billing

Automate invoicing and billing for DID numbers and other offerings that you provide to your customers with an integrated billing solution.
Recurring Fees

Recurring Fees

Add a recurring fee and map them with customers using a GUI panel and let the system handle recurring billing to customers automatically.
DID Grace Time

DID Grace Time

Lock overdue DID numbers and give a grace period to the DID user to pay the due invoices and get the DID number released within that timeline.
Call Transfer

Call Transfer

Provide an easy and reliable call transfer facility to connect to another virtual or PRI number using the DID management platform.
Inbound Routes

Inbound Routes

Enjoy a range of inbound call routing strategies available within a DID management solution to offer a variety of services and rate cards. 
Access to APIs


Get easy access to the APIs of the platform to integrate it with any of your business solutions and use a comprehensive system.
Vendor API Integration

Vendor API Integration

Integrate third party APIs of your vendors to fetch all necessary features and details within the DID system for simplified management.

Benefits of DID Management Solution

Simplified Management

Simplified Management 

GUI system to administer all aspects of wholesale VoIP Softswitch and business. 

High Uptime SLA

High Uptime SLA 

Enjoy the superior quality of service with an excellent service level agreement for uptime up to 99%. 



Automate various jobs from billing to monitoring to make operations efficient and cost effective. 

Multiple Call Routing Rules

Multiple Call Routing Rules 

Define business based on unique call routing strategies for diverse revenue generation. 

Save Money

Save Money 

Save upfront and ongoing costs on software and infrastructure with this C4 wholesale Softswitch. 

High Scalability

High Scalability 

Enjoy the growth of your business with the backed system support using this robust Softswitch. 

Why Choose ASTPP For DID Management Solution

Implementing a DID Management Solution brings numerous advantages to businesses seeking to optimize their call handling processes. This solution empowers businesses to streamline call routing, ensuring that incoming calls reach the relevant departments or individuals efficiently. By directing calls to the appropriate recipients, customer experience is enhanced, and call handling time is reduced, resulting in improved overall efficiency. Additionally, DID Management Solutions support number portability, enabling businesses to retain their existing phone numbers even when transitioning between service providers or relocating to different geographical areas. This flexibility eliminates the hassle of updating contact information and allows businesses to maintain continuity with their established phone numbers, ensuring seamless communication for customers and business operations alike.


What Customers Say


Direct Inward Dialing is a service that lets a business use single or multiple virtual numbers to receive and make calls. The virtual numbers are referred to as DID numbers. Without any need for a physical phone line, a business can use a DID number and assign one DID number to multiple employees. Moreover, it can also assign multiple DID numbers to a single employee. There are various advantages of using a DID number: ranging from projecting a business as a larger enterprise to letting employees enjoy work life balance and still attend calls from remote locations, reducing telephony expenses, access to larger communication features, and more.

To provide DID numbers and relevant features and generate revenue, there are several business functions that a DID service provider needs to manage such as:

Customer and vendor management

DID number management

Mapping different rate cards to customers

Locking and unlocking DID numbers

Billing customers

And more

DID management solution provides a GUI panel to manage all aforementioned and multiple other business functions related to this business within a single platform. The provider can also integrate other business or vendor APIs in this software to use a one-stop solution and run his business wholly.

A DID management solution is a complete platform available to run a DID number management business and grow in leaps and bounds. It has a range of features such as:

DID number lock and release

Assign bulk or individual DID numbers

Automated call routing

Call forwarding

Call transfer

Call recording

Local phone number support

Call tracking

Multilingual support

Integrated VoIP billing

Grace time

Call detail reports (CDR)

And more

Our DID management platform is highly flexible and customizable. We can develop and implement any custom feature required in this platform for you.

Grace time is one of the most valued and appreciated features available in our virtual number management platform. It gives a value added power to the provider to hold a DID number before making it available to be publicly purchased and gives time to the customer to pay his dues and re-purchase his number within the grace time. If the customer fails to re-purchase the number within the grace time, it will be available in the list of available DID numbers, and then anyone can buy this number. One added feature available in grace time is that a DID provider can forcibly end the grace time before a predefined timeline, in case he wants to sell the number.

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