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mbv it

Use Case

Class 4/5 Softswitch

South Africa





MBV IT is one of the well known ICT (Internet, Communication, and Telephony) service provider companies based out of South Africa. The company provides ICT solutions and services to different companies and end users in South Africa for more than 8 years. Some of the major offerings of MBV IT are ICT managed services, Managed voice services, Managed security services, and Managed Internet services. The company provides end to end solutions and works as a turnkey solution provider to benefit its clients as a one stop solution provider.

The team of MBV IT was looking for a sustainable communication solution to get better control over their communication services and increase ROI. During their search, they came across the ASTPP enterprise edition, which helped them achieve all their business goals related to delivering end to end communication services to their clients in South Afric

Detail Explanation of the Case

The voice and PBX services are part of the communication services offered by MBV IT to its clients. To deliver exceptional voice and PBX based communication services to its customers, MBV IT traditionally used a hosted solution from a service provider. The rental solution used by MBV IT was way too expensive for the company, which was making it difficult to match its ROI target.

Moreover, this rental voice and PBX system did not have any provision to give better control over the system to the MBV IT team. Thus, the company was looking for a sustainable communication solution, which can replace their rental product.

The company was looking for a solution that can provide them with the key elements as mentioned below:

  • Voice services
  • PBX features
  • Automated billing
  • Technical support for the product
  • Complete control over the telecommunication software
  • Remote management of the software

What our client says

Brain Masipa

When I had joined MBV IT, the company was looking for an alternative to the existing voice and PBX system to meet predefined business goals. I had used ASTPP in my previous company and I was aware of the features and capabilities of this platform. Thus, I recommended the platform to the company. I am glad to do that as the ASTPP enterprise platform met all the requirements of our company and the team ASTPP handled all stages of the product with utmost professionalism. Making Nebular Communications couldn’t be as easy as it was with the help of ASTPP.”

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