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PBX Root Augmented Customer Retention with Seamless Implementation of STIR/SHAKEN with ASTPP

ASTPP has successfully implemented the STIR/SHAKEN certificate with an open source edition of ASTPP for PBX Root. Moreover, ASTPP has implemented enterprise add-on fraud detection and management to add an additional layer of security for the company. PBX Root is a renowned communication and related service offering company that caters to its worldwide clients. However, the major customer base of the company is based in the United States, India, and Australia.  

The implemented solution provided the required consolidated security to clients of the company. Moreover, it helped in meeting regulatory compliances defined by the FCC. The implemented solution helped PBX Root to increase customer satisfaction and win several other advantages.  


Use Case

Implementation of STIR/SHAKEN & Fraud Detection and Management Solution



United Kingdom



Communication Service Provider

PBXROOT Limited, more popularly known as PBX Root, is one of the topmost communication service provider companies based in the United Kingdom. It is renowned for its client centric services and cutting-edge technology solutions used to provide communication and related services. With a global focus, PBX Root caters to clients majorly in the USA, Australia, and India. It offers a diverse range of services, including hosted dialers, VoIP minutes, SIP trunking, toll-free and DID numbers, wholesale VoIP, and inbound/ outbound call center solutions. While offering its services to businesses of all sizes, PBX Root has a major client base of small and medium enterprises. Committed to delivering technology-driven excellence, PBX Root empowers clients to elevate their marketing outreach and achieve business success with its excellent communication services. 

The Challenges

PBX Root used to use an Asterisk based open source solution to cater to its clients and automate billing processes. These platforms include A2Billing and Mangus Billing. These open source platforms were causing certain quality and security related challenges. Moreover, the FCC mandated the implementation of the STIR/SHAKEN framework to offer services in the USA. As a result, the company faced major challenges in meeting client expectations and regulatory compliance.

Increasing annoyance of false ringing and similar attacks

Affected voice quality

Open source platform related challenges

Increasing pressure to meet FCC regulations

Other security concerns

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