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We Are Open to Join Hands at Call & Contact Center Expo London 2020

  • March 10, 2020

Call and Contact Center Expo 2020 is just a few days away and we are all set to be part of this Expo. We have done all the required preparation and we are very much excited. As everyone knows, we are willing to exhibit ASTPP 4 at this expo to meet different predefined goals. One of the goals of participating in this expo is joining hands with people.

ASTPP 4 is one of the open source VoIP solutions. Of course, the ASTPP enterprise version is available, but still, it is an open source VoIP solution and there are many users that use its open source version. We need more hands to expand the reach of this smart VoIP solution. At CC Expo aka Cloud and Contact Centre Expo, we will be exhibiting ASTPP 4 as well as we will be looking forward to joining hands with like-minded people.

Add more members to ASTPP community

ASTPP has one of the most proactive open source communities. The community has many members from all across the globe. We would love to add more members to our community. Thus, at CC Expo, we will be generating awareness about ASTPP, its open source, and enterprise versions. We will educate people more about the power of community and being a member of an open source community. We will be discussing more about our booth visitors to be part of the ASTPP community.

Increase sponsors

ASTPP is an open source and we need resources in the growth and development of this platform. As everyone knows, it has covered a journey of being a smart telephony platform from an Asterisk to Postpaid billing system. iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd has been funding ASTPP till date. ASTPP needs more resources and funds. Thus, we will be looking for people who would like to become a sponsor for ASTPP. The interested people can sponsor anything and everything which can be used for the growth and development of ASTPP such as funds, server resources, hardware, VoIP minutes, etc.

Increase VoIP termination partners

ASTPP has some partnership programs. VoIP termination partnership is one of the programs, which allows VoIP termination companies to join the partnership program of ASTPP. There are many benefits of becoming a partner of this smart VoIP solution such as we add the name of our VoIP termination partners on our official website in the patrons’ section. There are many other ways that we use to market ASTPP partners. We will share more detail about the VoIP termination partnership programs we have at Cloud and Contact Centre Expo.

Create channel partners

ASTPP enterprise version is live now. We offer premium services to the users of the ASTPP enterprise version. Enterprise version is paid and on its behalf, the customers get more features, functionalities, and personalized support. On the other hand, we use the funds collected by selling the ASTPP enterprise version in the further development of this smart VoIP software. We are willing to generate more awareness about it and make some channel partners to increase leads of ASTPP enterprise version. Our channel partners will definitely receive some great benefits.

If you will visit CC Expo, do not forget to stop by booth number 1961. To know more about ASTPP partnership opportunities, please contact us.