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ASTPP Enterprise Version Is Available In 3 Different Options

  • November 26, 2019

We are happy to share the ASTPP enterprise version is receiving an amazing response and we are glad that this smart VoIP software is making a difference for many customers. There are many users that have shown interest in using the enterprise version of ASTPP 4. To make sure every user with a few or more interests can take benefit of this best in the industry smart telephony solution, we have launched 3 different costing options to buy an enterprise version of ASTPP 4.

The ASTPP enterprise version is available at a predefined fee. This fee is collected annually to let users enjoy the new feature and add-on upgrades. Of course, the customer can use the ASTPP 4 and all its features and add-ons without paying the next year’s fees. However, the drawback would be they will not get access to other features and add-ons which are added one year after purchase of the solution to that user.

ASTPP enterprise version is available under two different models listed below:

  1. ASTPP Self Hosting and
  2. ASTPP Managed Services

Both have their own pros and cons. The prospective customer can choose any one model based on the need and budget. Here is the comparison between ASTPP Self Hosting vs. ASTPP Managed Services.

The fee of the enterprise version is segmented in three different options. It means, now onwards, prospective customers have three different options to buy the enterprise version of this smart VoIP solution. All three of them are described in brief hereunder:


The prospective customer needs to pay the fee of the enterprise version in one go annually.


The prospective customer needs to pay the fee of the enterprise version in 4 installments; one payment at each quarter.


The prospective customer needs to pay the fee of the enterprise version in 12 installments; one payment every month.

“We wanted to make sure everyone gets benefited with the powerful features of ASTPP 4. Enterprise version has many more features and add-ons compared to the open source version of it. Thus, it is paid. The fee is also comparatively affordable to any business. However, there can be some cases on a very low budget or the users that have never used ASTPP and want to give it a try. For these types of users, we have introduced these models so everyone can get access to this smart telephony software”, shared Samir Doshi, Leader of the ASTPP community.

If you want to know more about the ASTPP enterprise version or these models, contact us.