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ASTPP Successfully Completed Webinar: MVNO End to End Solutions with ASTPP

  • September 5, 2022

We, ASTPP Community, have been contributing to the VoIP community and satisfying the knowledge thirst of aspiring VoIP engineers and telephony entrepreneurs with various resources. Conducting insightful webinars is one of the resources we share with VoIP and telecom learners and professionals. Recently, we conducted a webinar on the topic of “MVNO End to End Solutions with ASTPP”. 

We are happy to share that we received an amazing response from the VoIP professional for this webinar, which was on one of the most interesting topics.  

This webinar was conducted by Tinku Moni Keot, Technical Support Lead, ASTPP official team. In this 35+ minutes long webinar, Tinku shared a complete insight on the topic of mobile virtual network operators and how they can be used as an end to end solution with the ASTPP, smart telephony platform. 

If you have missed this webinar, do not worry. Here is the recorded version of this webinar to let you learn from this webinar:


Some of the key points highlighted in this webinar are listed below: 

  • What are MVNO solutions and services? 
  • How can you get all MVNO services and solutions with custom branding? 
  • Which are multiple entities? 
  • A better understanding of MVNO businesses 
  • Insight on the advanced user interface for the entity 
  • Complete understanding of prepaid and postpaid billing 
  • Insight on a platform that supports multiple currencies and languages 
  • Detailed discussion on rate management  
  • A close look at Mobile Number Portability (MNP) 
  • A better understanding of major PBX features like IVR, voicemail, etc. 
  • Insight on unified solutions 
  • Complete understanding of high scalability 

In summation, Tinku started with a fundamental understanding of different elements and aspects related to mobile virtual network operators and then took the webinar audience towards more detailed and insightful elements. He shared all the details that can be helpful to the best VoIP development companies, MVNOs, network operators, VoIP service providers, users of this smart telephony platform, and other business professionals.  

He explained the single MVNO model and how it can be used by users of ASTPP, the #1 open source VoIP platform based on FreeSWITCH. He also explained a flowchart on different types of MVNO businesses and how different types of MVNO businesses can be run using the ASTPP smart telephony platform in this webinar. The demo of the ASTPP screen made it easy to understand the whole concept from a technical perspective, too, by VoIP developers and VoIP development companies. 

Concluding notes 

In conclusion, the webinar covered both business and technical aspects and it gave a detailed insight into the subject matter. This webinar is available on YouTube on the ASTPP YouTube channel for future reference and to let the audience view it again that may have missed it by any chance. If you have missed this webinar, watch it now. For future webinars, stay tuned with ASTPP. 

ASTPP is going to participate in India Africa ICT Expo in Ghana to showcase smart telephony platform, plus, it will conduct ASTPP Meet-up in Ghana. ASTPP team will be in Ghana from 12 to 16 Sep 2022. If you are interested in meeting them or being part of the ASTPP meet-up, contact us.