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ASTPP Version 3.6 is released

  • April 10, 2018

Hello ASTPPians,

We are back and very happy to announce update for your most loving Open source Billing platform – ASTPP, which has a new release v3.6

What’s new in v3.6?

Along with PHP 7 support, ASTPP v3.6 includes many new features and improvements in major modules such as Accounts, Call Billing, Invoice, DID, Settings etc and also bug fixes and patches found so far since release of last version 3.5 (September, 2017).


  • [Improvement / New Feature] Import customers account
  • [Improvement / New Feature] Set Alert Threshold by default NO
  • [Improvement / New Feature] Added customer tax number field in the customer profile, invoices, and receipts
  • [Bug Fixed] Resolved change status issue for admin
  • Mass Create Customer From Reseller Panel
  • [Bug Fixed] Resolved left panel master not working during My profile/Refill report search
  • [Bug Fixed] Refill coupon search by account


  • [Improvement / New Feature] Implemented invoice due date reminder (Configurable from company profile page, new email template added)
  • [Improvement / New Feature] Improved invoice template, added quantity field for the duration and reflected in the invoice, resolved FREE call amount display issue in the invoice
  • [Improvement / New Feature] Improved DID billing by implementing did_lib.php under library. Removed duplicate code of did purchase from the entire system and made it centralized in did_lib.php
  • [Bug Fixed] Invoices page counts deleted invoices but (correctly) doesn’t show them #269
  • [Bug Fixed] Resolved daily invoice generate an issue, updated code to get only auto-generated invoice date as the start date
  • [Bug Fixed] Corrected due_date, last_pay_date and outstanding amount issues for receipts


  • [Improvement / New Feature] Added Homer integration support
  • [Bug Fixed] Corrected variable name for email logger (Test the email logger file by enabling and disabling configuration)


  • [Improvement / New Feature] DID to Multiple Destination
  • [Bug Fixed] Corrected DID status display for customer portal
  • [Bug Fixed] Provider list showing into did import page (CSS Fix)


  • [Improvement / New Feature] Disposition cause with Q.850 code


  • [Bug Fixed] Changed mysql driver to mysqli for php7.0 support, added customer name and company variable replacement in email notifications subject and message. Usage #NAME# #COMPANY#
  • [Bug Fixed] Resolved email format issue for signup modules

IP Settings:

  • [Improvement / New Feature] Reloadacl while deleting accepted IP


  • [Bug Fixed] Package is not applying to Postpaid Customer

Call Billing:

  • [Improvement / New Feature] Real-time Billing (Experimental)
  • [Improvement / New Feature] Implemented CPS handing to customer and trunk
  • [Bug Fixed] Resolved call billing calculation for duration > 0 and hangup_cause != normal_clearning
  • [Bug Fixed] Resolved parent reseller not billing issue for calls
  • [Bug Fixed] Set default per second billing if no initial increment and increment defined in origination rate and rate group


  • [Improvement / New Feature] Improved PayPal payment process security

All Modules:

  • [Improvement / New Feature] Security improvements
  • [Bug Fixed] Removed double display of “{from} – {to} of {records} Records” from grid tables


  • [Improvement / New Feature] PHP 7 Support Added


SIP Profile:

  • [Improvement / New Feature] Added IPv6 Support for SIP Profile

DB Restore:

  • [Bug Fixed] Resolved Database Download #257

Origination & Termination:

  • [Bug Fixed] Delete Search Record – This option deletes ALL termination rates #264


  • [Improvement / New Feature] Added default language support feature (You can change it from constant.php)

Trunks & Call Process:

  • [Improvement / New Feature] Trunkwise codecs

Sign up:

  • [Bug Fixed] Improved security on confirming password page

Customer Login:

  • [Bug Fixed] GUI issue of logo

Company Profile:

  • [Bug Fixed] https domain not working in personalization


  • [Bug Fixed] Corrected variables (from-username and from-domain)

How can I upgrade?

# wget –no-check-certificate -O
# chmod +x
# ./

To do fresh install of v3.6:

# wget –no-check-certificate -O
# chmod +x
# ./

We do offer installation,migration, training, support and customization services on commercial bases to give you a quick start. Reach us on for details.

In case if you find any issues, then please feel free to report in our bug tracker below :

Thank you everyone for your continuous support in ASTPP journey.