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Hosted PBX Solution – Top 4 Functional Benefits of Using It.

  • July 21, 2021

Many people have started using VoIP based communication solutions for business communication over traditional telephony options. One of the majorly used VoIP based telecommunication solutions for businesses is an IP PBX software system. It can be adopted either by buying the licensed version or it can be used as a hosted PBX solution.

In this article, we will talk about using it as a hosted PBX solution and its top functional benefits for any business that uses this software.

1. Mobility

The first and foremost benefit of using this software is mobility. The traditional telephony system enforces people to stick to their desks. Of course, there is an option of using smartphones, but it increases the threat to the privacy of business data. It also causes some more issues and concerns like the inability to track the productivity of hours spent on communication and more.

The hosted PBX system supports mobility without causing any issues related to privacy, lack of call logs to assure productivity and fair usage of resources, etc. This is the major benefit of using the hosted PBX system based calling system in any business.

2. Ease of scalability

Another functional advantage of using the hosted PBX software is scalability. This solution is highly scalable and supports scalability at its best. At the fingertips, more extensions can be added or support for a higher number of parallel calls can be added within minimum time. 

Unlike that, the traditional system will need physical devices, switches, wires, etc. to make an additional connection for your team member. To take advantage of the scalability offered by the hosted PBX system, more and more businesses use this software.

3. Flexibility

The hosted PBX software similar to all other smart VoIP telephony platforms is highly flexible. It supports integration with third party APIs or solutions to provide you an all-in-one solution. It also offers flexibility to use other VoIP solutions in coordination with this software. For example, to take better advantage of the flexible nature of this software, executives of a business can use a mobile SIP dialer. Any other solution can be used in a streamlined manner with the hosted PBX system.

4. Centralized communication and collaboration

Similar to other smart VoIP solutions, the hosted PBX system also supports a centralized form of communication and collaboration. It means the executives of the company using the hosted PBX solution will get their private interface to take advantage of an array of communication and collaboration features. Along with the individual interface, the hosted PBX software provides centralized control over the system. Moreover, the system will also log calls and other activities to make sure that businesses can assure fair usage of resources.


The hosted PBX system provides an excellent functional advantage to the businesses using this software. ASTPP has a multi tenant IP PBX solution as one of the add-ons for the users of its enterprise version. You can also gain all the functional advantages mentioned in this article. For more details, contact us.