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Contribute to Support Open Source Solution

  • December 4, 2018


As you all know, ASTPP is an open source VoIP Billing solution which is maintained by an Indian IT company, namely, iNextrix Technologies Pvt. Ltd. since 2013. The company has been taking care of all expenses related to ASTPP. However, recently, the company has launched the crowdfunding campaign. The campaign will stay live for a limited period of time with an agenda to get the funds from the donators. The collected funds will be used for further development and enhancement of this open source VoIP billing solution.

If you are thinking whether to invest in this ASTPP crowdfunding campaign or not then read the top reasons to contribute to the ASTPP crowdfunding campaign.

We would say that everyone must contribute as much as possible for all different open source solutions for various valid reasons.

Key reasons to contribute to the open source solutions.

It helps startups

The startups always struggle to embark because of limited and low capital budget. A majority of startups can’t invest in the proprietary solutions as those are very expensive. The open source solutions provide the required tools and infrastructure to get started. The open source solutions like ASTPP provide a fully functional and advanced solution for free which is an amazing support to the future generation and passionate entrepreneurs.

It helps freelancers

The freelancers often earn their bread and butter because of open source solutions. The freelancers provide services such as, installation, customization, custom module development, etc. These service contracts let the freelancers earn their bread and butter. In fact, there are thousands to millions of contractors that yield earnings from the open source solutions. By contributing in empowering the open source solutions, you support the lives of all of these individual professionals.

It gives some amazing business benefits

The open source solutions always have a large and loyal user base of businesses and consultants as well as it usually has a very proactive community. The contribution in these open source solutions provide some amazing marketing benefits such as, you can get projected in front of all businesses and community members of the ASTPP by donating to its crowdfunding campaign. The open source solutions offer different types of perks to the people that use it.

If you are convinced with the idea of contributing for open source solutions, please start by contributing to the ASTPP crowdfunding campaign. For more details, please visit

If you are still having doubts or need more explanation, please get in touch with us.