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How ASTPP Crowdfunding Will Work?

  • December 12, 2018

ASTPP has been empowering business users with its advanced modules and features, which make the whole billing part automated. The ASTPP: VoIP Billing Solution helps businesses in increasing productivity and Returns over Investment (ROI) by taking care of the whole billing part. In fact, the ASTPP has reached to a stage that it removes the need of other additional solutions such as, VoIP softswitch, IP PBX, etc. It can take care of the operations of these solutions.

To support this type of advanced development, a full force of people and strategic consultants work together in a way that the system in place evolves rapidly. This type of rapid development needs a lot many activities which

  • Start with the continuous and in-depth research on ongoing trends and technologies.
  • This followed by the development of new features,
  • Testing those features to assure quality,
  • Reaching business owners to spread awareness about this feature
  • Providing active support in the community about these features to assure everyone can easily adapt these new features in their business
  • Providing ongoing support

This is not it! To assure any of the above mentioned tasks don’t get stopped or interrupted at any point of time, we, the maintainers of ASTPP: Open Source VoIP Billing Solution, need to keep a dedicated team of VoIP experts that keep on working. When you have a team working on a full time basis on the software, you also need a human resource management and accounting system in place. When you have a team, an HR management and accounting system and when you work in an international market, you need to take care of many legal aspects as well.

As you all know, ASTPP is an open source VoIP solution and it comes with a lifetime free license. Thus, there is no way to make money on this solution. However, the spending is getting increased everyday because of ongoing increasing demand of the market and rapidly changing technologies. In this type of rapid changes to keep this solution going with swift changes, we need to double the speed of research and development and for that we need to invest more funds.

To make this arrangement, we have launched the crowdfunding campaign and we request you make a contribution as well as to help us reaching people who can contribute in this crowdfunding campaign. The funds received through this launched ASTPP crowdfunding campaign will be used to

  • Add more resources to perform thorough research and get more innovative ideas
  • Develop new features and functionality to make ASTPP the one stop solution, so the businesses can use it to perform required actions in the most effective, efficient and smarter way.
  • Make new version release faster
  • Putting dedicated members to proactively provide the support in the community

Your contribution will help in increasing the power and capability of this open source solution, which is in use by more than 10,000 businesses all across the globe. Your business can be one of these businesses or your business can be the one, which is touched directly or indirectly by the business that uses ASTPP. Your contribution will make this platform stronger and the VoIP industry the strongest. So don’t wait for long and just make a contribution here

Please help us to reach more people who can contribute in this campaign by sharing this Blog and other social posts and emails related to this crowdfunding campaign.