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MVNO Billing Solution

Launch your profit making business with a complete suite of solutions for Mobile Virtual Network Operator!

Run Light to Full MVNO Business with a Comprehensive and Scalable MVNO Solution

Mobile virtual network operator business is growing in leaps and bounds across the globe. Launching your own venture or transforming to a digital setup using the best MVNO solution can help you make more money and grow at the fastest pace. We have developed the most scalable, secure, and feature rich MVNO platform that can help in reducing the churn rate and delight customers by introducing new innovative offerings. 

We understand that different business models need different types of MVNO solutions. Thus, we have developed the most versatile and feature rich platform that can meet the business needs of all types of businesses in this industry, from resellers to light MVNOs and full MVNOs. We also provide a white label MVNO solution to let businesses enjoy branding advantages. 

MVNO Billing Solution Features

Prepaid / Postpaid Accounts

Prepaid / Postpaid Billing

Cater to the prepaid and postpaid audiences with flawless billing using a single platform for any scaled MVNO business. 
Rate Management

Rate Management

Manage rate cards to stay profitable and keep billing efficient with effective rate management within the system. 
Routing Management ​

Routing Management ​

Map and manage multiple call routing strategies and delight your clients with a variety of options and services. 
Billing and Invoicing ​

Billing and Invoicing ​

Stay stress-free about billing and invoicing by automating the whole process using an inbuilt VoIP billing solution. 

Package/Subscription Management

Design lucrative packages and subscription plans and manage them individually with high efficiency. 
Real Time Billing ​

Real Time Billing

Keep track of the value generation of your MVNO business with real time billing features integrated into the platform. 

Number Portability

Lock your customer interest and gain more clients with number portability, so they love to switch to you and enjoy your services. 

Multi Currency & Multi Timezone Support

Seamlessly run business in multiple countries and enjoy using all features with ease and automated billing supporting multiple currencies. 

Engaging UI

Keep the worry of learning a new platform aside because the MVNO solution of ASTPP has an engaging and easy to comprehend user interface. 


Get actionable insight over major performance metrics with our wide range of reports made available to MVNOs. 

Third Party Integration

Integrate any other solution in this highly flexible MVNO platform to add other tools and features within a single platform. 

Scalable / High Availability

Boast on delivering the highest uptime and enjoy growing fast with the MVNO solution furnished and deployed by the ASTPP team. 

Benefits of MVNO Billing Solution

Simplified Management

Simplified Management

Manage all different business aspects at each stage of the value chain of mobile virtual network operator business. 
High Uptime SLA

High Uptime SLA

A robust system that is built with intuitive architecture and set up with the right model helps you enjoy high uptime SLA. 


Keep your workforce to handle more intricate jobs by automating routine business processes with our MVNO software. 
Multiple Call Routing Rules

Multiple Call Routing Rules

Gain a competitive advantage by implementing standard and unconventional call routing rules in your business. 
Save Money

Save Money

Slash the operational and capital expenses by using the most scalable and feature rich solution and enjoy saving funds. 
High Scalability

High Scalability

Start and grow your business with our highly scalable MVNO platform that enables high scalability for business owners. 

Why Choose ASTPP For MVNO Billing Solution

The benefits of implementing an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) Billing Solution are substantial and can greatly impact the success of MVNO businesses. One significant advantage is the comprehensive and flexible billing capabilities offered by the solution. It allows MVNOs to efficiently manage and monetize their services, providing accurate and customizable billing options for subscribers. Additionally, the MVNO Billing Solution supports real-time monitoring and analytics, providing valuable insights into customer behavior and usage patterns. This data can be leveraged to optimize pricing plans, improve customer satisfaction, and drive revenue growth. Furthermore, the solution enables streamlined integration with existing systems, simplifying the billing process and enhancing operational efficiency. With the MVNO Billing Solution, businesses can effectively manage their billing operations, increase profitability, and deliver a seamless and satisfying experience to their subscribers.



What Customers Say


MVNO is a reselling business model in the wireless communication or mobile communication industry. An MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) buys VoIP minutes at wholesale rates from the providers and uses them to run retail VoIP businesses by offering prepaid and postpaid services to the retail business network. In other words, an MVNO resells wireless communication services. A full MVNO manages all different aspects of this business instead of just working as a reseller. 

An MVNO platform is a complete software suite that lets mobile virtual network operators manage vendors and customers along with multiple other levels of the business within a single platform. 

There are three types of mobile virtual network operators: 

  1.       Resellers
  2.       Light MVNO
  3.       Full MVNO

Our platform can be used by any type of mobile virtual network operator. 

You can handle all different business aspects with our MVNO solution such as: 

  • Vendor management
  •    Rate management
  •    Core network management
  •    Rating and billing
  • Customer accounts and customer support management
  •    And more

The cost depends on the features and services you need along with some other important factors. We can arrange a call in which our representative will ask a few questions to define the cost of the MVNO platform tailored to your needs. To schedule a call, contact us. 

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