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A Sneak Peak to ASTPP Crowdfunding Campaign

  • January 14, 2019

As you know we have launched the a crowdfunding campaign for ASTPP: Open Source VoIP Billing solution two months back and it will be closed within 2 days. This is the time to have a look at the performance of this campaign and also show gratitude to everyone who contributed in one way or another to make it successful.

There are multiple ways to contribute to this campaign, including, but not limited to:

  • Make a cash donation directly to the campaign
  • Donate VoIP minutes such as, long distance call minutes
  • Donate VoIP hardware such as, IP Phone
  • Donate server space
  • Sponsor a ASTPP: Billing Software developer or a team of developers

All collected resources and funds through this crowdfunding campaign are aimed to use for ongoing research, development and other operations required to be taken care of in the process of keeping this VoIP Billing software on the top.

We had set a goal of 10,000 US dollars so we can collect the required funds to execute required research and development for the next version of ASTPP: Open source VoIP Billing Solution. As we all know, the ASTPP community is huge; having more than 10,000 businesses using the same and every month 250+ new users download the ASTPP. However, the ASTPP user base is so big, the numbers are not that exceptional for its crowdfunding campaign. The fact is we could meet only 39% of the set target of the funds. However, we are really grateful to all 22 contributors who understood their responsibility towards ASTPP and made a contribution. Along with these 22 contributors, we are also very thankful to the donators who donated the VoIP minutes and servers to help ongoing development and testing operations for this open source FreeSWITCH billing software.

As we had shared earlier, all contributors and donators to the ASTPP: VoIP Billing Solution will receive assured rewards. We have started doing the same by adding a sponsor page on the official website of ASTPP and highlighting the sponsors who donated the server and VoIP minutes along with their details. The other contributors will also get rewarded based on the contribution they made soon by the team ASTPP.

Still, there are 2 days left from today in closure of the ASTPP crowdfunding campaign and you can benefit ASTPP and also get rewarded and benefited in return. To know more about the associated rewards and make a donation, please visit