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ASTPP Self Hosting Service and Its Key Benefits

  • October 29, 2019

ASTPP enterprise version is gaining a lot of popularity and we are happy to see customers that are satisfied with the enterprise add-ons and features. As everyone knows, there are two types of models available to get access to the enterprise version of this smart telephony solution. In this article, I will talk about one of them called, the ASTPP Self Hosting model.

As many of you must know, we had started offering an enterprise version of ASTPP with only Managed Services model which comes with all features, add-ons as well as premium services from the official ASTPP development and support team for 1 year. Since the launch of the ASTPP enterprise version, we are catering to customers with this model as there is a huge demand for the same. At the same time, we wanted to make sure everyone can have access to the amazing features of the enterprise version of this smart VoIP software. Thus, we launched the ASTPP Self Hosting model.

What is ASTPP Self Hosting Model?

It is a paid model that gives access to all enterprise features and add-ons available in ASTPP: A Smart TelePhony Platform. The responsibility of download, installation, and setup will be of the users. Also, any kind of additional support service will be paid.

What Are the Key Benefits of the ASTPP Self Hosting Model?

There are many benefits of using the ASTPP Self Hosting model and we are going to describe the key benefits of using this model to access enterprise ASTPP solution.

Access to All Features and Add-ons

ASTPP enterprise version has a number of features and add-ons to offer. Furthermore, these features and add-ons are quite advance that can help business owners and service providers gain multiple advantages as well as a competitive edge. With the Self Hosting model of this smart VoIP solution, you will get access to all these features.

Keep Budget in Control

The license cost of the ASTPP Self Hosting model is less expensive than the license cost of ASTPP Managed Services. You can save on getting the license of the enterprise features and add-ons.

Use Your In-house Team or Freelancers

Unlike ASTPP Managed Services, the ASTPP Self Hosting model doesn’t give access to the support services of ASTPP experts who are part of the official ASTPP team. However, that should not be a problem. You can use your in-house VoIP experts or other freelance ASTPP experts to get ASTPP installed and maintained.

Use Support from Official Team, If Needed

As mentioned earlier, the ASTPP Self Hosting model does not cover support services from the official ASTPP team. However, you can opt for the paid ASTPP services. Isn’t it excellent? Use your team or freelancers, but if you need expert services such as to develop a new add-on for ASTPP, you can opt for expert services.

These are the top benefits of using the ASTPP Self Hosting model. You pay less and enjoy more. Want to know more? Having some queries? We are here to help. Contact us NOW!