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Blue Telecoms Contributed to ASTPP Crowdfunding Campaign

  • February 27, 2019


ASTPP has been used by thousands of businesses to automate their invoicing and billing part. To make sure all current and upcoming users of this open source VoIP billing solution get all competitive features, we have to spend efforts and resources in the direction of research and development. To collect funds for these intensive processes, we ran a crowdfunding campaign and we are glad to reward its contributor for their contribution.

We are glad to share the next featured post on one of the platinum contributor companies, namely, Blue Telecoms. We are delighted to showcase more information about this company and its services. Also, we will share how it is associated with the ASTPP: Open Source FreeSWITCH Billing Solution.

About Blue Telecoms

The company founded in 2010 by Mr. Sascha Lopez, who had years of experience in telecommunication industry. With an aim to provide cost effective and reliable communication alternative of traditional telephony system, Blue Telecoms was launched. Over the years, the company has expanded its wings. The company caters customers in 31 different countries and it has its operational offices in 27 countries all across the globe.

The main headquarter of the company is in the UK. The company offers a wide range of services to its customers. The list of key services offered by the company to its customers in 31 countries is as below:

  • Office phone system
  • Hosted dialer
  • Call center dialers
  • Predictive dialer
  • Hosted VICIDial
  • CLI localization
  • SIP Trunking
  • Wholesale VoIP services

The company uses the ASTPP: VoIP Billing solution with its multiple products to automate the billing part.

We would like to specifically thank Mr. Sascha Lopez from Blue Telecoms who took an appreciable step of contributing in the ASTPP: VoIP Billing Software. We wish Mr. Sascha Lopez and Blue Telecom achieves all defined success milestones.

We are delighted to share that, being a platinum contributor, Blue Telecom will receive many other interesting rewards along with this featured post. Below is the list of rewards the company will receive other than this featured blog post:

  1. Special mention in upcoming release of ASTPP: VoIP Billing Solution
  2. Featured mention in the crowdfunding contributor page on our site
  3. Social media featured post
  4. Digital press release distribution
  5. Free support service worth 300 USD
  6. Priority bug fixing services
  7. Free training of upcoming version of ASTPP by its makers