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Why VoIP Businesses Must Use VoIP Billing Solution?

  • March 4, 2019


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) based communication is a big industry and there are many service providers which offer unified communication services using various VoIP solutions. Some of them offer wholesale VoIP termination business; some of them benefit the businesses and enterprises with omnichannel communication systems and some of them offer other voice and video communication services. The wholesale VoIP is also a very big business. In a nutshell, there is a whole range of business types in the VoIP world. These businesses often run on top of scalable and reliable VoIP solutions. However, often these VoIP solutions miss one of the most important modules, namely, VoIP billing solution. In such situation, some service providers settle down with a small module provided by the original provider of VoIP software or use a manual accountant to take care of VoIP billing part of the business. In both of these cases, the businesses often face a lot of time and resource investment in the whole billing process. In cases of wholesale VoIP business when there are thousands of concurrent calls take place in parallel and many different filters, taxes, service fees, etc. need to be applied, the accurate billing becomes almost impossible by the traditional billing systems or accountant. Thus, it is really important to get a reliable and advanced billing solution for your VoIP business.

The advanced VoIP billing solution is generally a complete standalone billing software which can be integrated within an existing VoIP solution. Once this VoIP billing solution is integrated within the software of the VoIP business, it can be used as an integral part of the system. Before you get the VoIP billing system for your business, make sure to check its complete feature list. It must support your business model. Also, it must support the number of concurrent calls you would have as well as different rate plan. Generally, business owners opt to get the VoIP billing solution, specifically, one with FreeSWITCH based communication solutions. The process of developing a FreeSWITCH billing software can be complex and time taking. Also, the test and quality assurance can take more time once it gets into the beta testing phase. The ASTPP is one of the best solutions for such businesses.

ASTPP is a full fledged FreeSWITCH billing solution. It has been in existence for many years and more than 10,000 businesses all across the world use this system to take care of their billing operations. It has proven its accuracy and it is ready to use. One of the biggest advantages or USPs of this VoIP billing software for FreeSWITCH solutions is that it is an open source VoIP billing solution. Thus, you not only get it for free, but you also get ownership of the code with no investment. You can perform ASTPP customization, in case, you need any types of customization in this system.

ASTPP: VoIP billing solution is robust, scalable and secure. It is easy to install and use. To take complete benefit of this most powerful FreeSWITCH billing software, we recommend using the Professional ASTPP installation and setup service from experts or taking the ASTPP Professional Training from the experts as it will unveil all gems of this best VoIP billing solution. To know more about the professional setup or training service from the ASTPP experts, please contact us.