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Calling Card Solutions – An Ever Increasing Demand

  • February 3, 2022

VoIP service providers add a variety of telephony solutions into their offering umbrella to cater to diverse business needs. Among all of these solutions, a calling card solution stands out as an all time favorite because it consistently attracts demand for their unique value proposition.

Diving deeper into why these VoIP calling card software solutions have remained so consistently popular necessitates a look into their foundational application. VoIP service providers deploy these platforms to streamline the operations and administration of their international calling card ventures. Simultaneously, consumers leverage these calling cards to facilitate cost effective long distance communications. This feature is particularly advantageous for individuals traveling abroad because it enables them to stay connected with their home country affordably.

What distinguishes these solutions in the VoIP industry is their adaptability and enduring appeal. Despite the advent of numerous communication technologies, the demand for calling cards has not only persisted but has also expanded. This can be attributed to their ability to offer reliable, budget friendly communication options for international travelers. This solution has persistently proved their ways to improve the business models of service providers with increasing demand. Besides, it also empowers end users who travel abroad frequently.

In this article, we are going to delve deeper to understand what makes this VoIP solution so popular among consumers.

1.  What is a VoIP Calling Card Solution?

Calling Card

It is a software solution that employs SIP calling technology to facilitate voice calls over the Internet instead of using traditional telecommunication networks. Therefore, it helps in eliminating all intricacies and challenges related to traditional telecommunication networks.

Significantly, this innovative approach lowers the cost of long distance calls by utilizing internet connectivity to transmit voice, video, data, and other communication packets. Therefore, it offers an economical alternative to conventional calling methods to travelers who must make international calls back home or to their offices.

Interestingly, this solution resembles the phenomenon of SIM cards. It works exactly the way SIM cards work, but the only difference is it leverages VoIP technology for communication. You can find both prepaid and postpaid options. Therefore, it caters to a diverse range of users.

VoIP calling card platforms are appreciated for their cost effectiveness. Moreover, they are popular for their versatility and ease of use. Moreover, these solutions are highly flexible and accessible from various devices, including landlines, mobile phones, and even through applications on smartphones. As a result, it provides users with unparalleled convenience and flexibility. This makes VoIP calling cards a popular and enduring choice in the ever evolving world of digital communication and international calling. Undoubtedly, this solution caters to the needs of global communicators in an interconnected world. Moreover, it has several advantages to offer. For example, it can significantly increase customer satisfaction.

You must read our blog post that covers how a calling card tool can help in increasing customer loyalty and helps in boosting revenue generation.

2.  What are the Key Features Available in This Software?

Calling Card Solution

A calling card solution is packed with a wide range of features, which are designed to streamline operations for service providers and enhance the calling experience for users. Certainly, the key features are dependent on the VoIP development company that offers the solution. However, some key features are available in all solutions.

Here are some of the key features commonly found in this software:

Calling Card Management

This solution lets VoIP service providers create calling cards for prepaid and postpaid businesses. Moreover, it also helps in managing PIN and other aspects of the business.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

It offers an automated response system for international calling card users. An IVR lets users check balances, enter PINs, and choose destinations without needing direct human interaction for long distance calling.

PIN Management

Essentially, this feature is very useful to enjoy added security. Moreover, it is also part of an important feature of user identification. It allows providers to generate, assign, and manage unique PINs for each calling card.

Rate Management

It enables calling card providers to set up and adjust calling rates for different destinations. Moreover, it ensures competitive pricing and flexibility.

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Recharge and Top-up Options

It allows users to add credit to their accounts through various channels. Therefore, it enhances the convenience and comfort of customers.

Customizable User Portals

It enables users to manage their calling card accounts and access all features. These features include viewing call history, recharge, and access to customer support online as fundamental features. The advanced features depend on the software.

CDR (Call Detail Records)

It provides detailed logs of all calls made for long distance calling. The CDR includes duration, destination, and cost, which are essential for billing and analysis.

Billing and Invoicing

This system includes an automated billing system, which calculates call charges, generates invoices and manages payments. It supports prepaid and postpaid billing models.

Some VoIP calling card software solutions also offer additional features such as fraud detection and management. Additionally, it also offers API and API integration support to build a comprehensive platform to run a calling card business.

3.  How Does the Calling Card System Work?

calling card software

Using calling cards is extremely easy and straightforward. Let’s take a look at how this system works in a stepwise manner.

Purchase and Activation

Initially, customers purchase a calling card, which can be PINless or with a PIN. The consumer can reset the PIN. Upon their first use, they dial this number to activate the card.

Dialing the Access Number

Every time a consumer wants to make a call, they start by dialing the provided access number. This step connects them to the VoIP calling card service, which helps with further international calling.

PIN Verification

After dialing the access number, the system prompts users to enter their PIN if it is a PIN authenticated card. The IVR system verifies this PIN to ensure security and personalized access. In the case of PINless calling cards, the system will not ask for the PIN.

Credit Check

In the next step, the system automatically checks the available credit or minutes of clients. Moreover, it ensures that the customer has enough balance for the intended call.

Destination Number Entry

Once the credit check clears, the user is prompted to enter the destination number. Often, it is followed by the country code if it is an international call.

Call Routing

The system then routes the call through the internet to the designated international destination number. This software determines the most cost effective route for the call. It optimizes both service quality and operational costs.

Call Connection

The call is connected which allows the user to communicate with the intended recipient. Throughout the call, the system monitors the duration to deduct the appropriate amount from the user’s credit.

Ending the Call

Once the call is completed and the end user hangs up the call, the system updates the user’s remaining credit balance. If the balance is low or exhausted, it may prompt the user to top up or recharge.

CDR and Reports

Behind the scenes, the software generates detailed call records for every transaction, which aids in billing, analytics, and customer support.

4.  Why is the Calling Card Platform in Huge Demand?

Calling Card Solution

Due to multiple reasons, this solution is in growing demand. Let’s look at the top reasons that prove this solution worth as popular among end users.

4.1 Business Travelers Keep Increasing

Essentially, it is necessary to expand business globally. This fact has increased the number of business travelers. This surge emphasizes the persistent demand for services that cater specifically to their needs for cheap long distance calling. Generally, business professionals travel abroad, and they frequently find themselves in situations where they need to communicate seamlessly with colleagues back home or across global branches.

VoIP calling cards offer a straightforward and easy to use solution for international communication. Without the hassle of downloading apps or software, business travelers can connect effortlessly with distant teams. Moreover, this solution keeps communication costs to a minimum. Certainly, it makes it an ideal choice for maintaining vital business connections while managing expenses effectively and pushing business boundaries.

4.2 Students Studying Abroad Keep Increasing

Like business professionals, many students pursue higher studies in foreign countries. Therefore, they also seek a reliable, good quality yet cheap solution, which allows students to stay connected with their families living in other countries. Undoubtedly, calling card services are the most feasible, convenient, and cost effective option for students and anyone studying abroad.

4.3 VoIP Software Providers Make Software Easily Available

Certainly, the number of users of calling cards has increased. Therefore, it has also opened the doors of business opportunities. The VoIP software providers offering different types of VoIP service have started adopting the best solutions to run a calling card business so that they can meet the increasing demand for this VoIP product in the international market.

To help business VoIP providers, the VoIP software providers keep coming up with interesting and advanced features in this software. The top software providers commonly offer platforms with an easy-to-use and engaging GUI, so that with minimal training service providers can use this platform. In addition to that, this platform is available without making a hole in the pocket.

All this has made it easier for service providers to acquire a white label platform and use it to offer services to global clients.

4.4 Scalability is Outstanding

Calling cards work on VoIP technology and phenomenon. Certainly, VoIP solutions are highly scalable. Moreover, in the past few years, the use of cloud based solutions have increased. Therefore, cloud based calling card systems have added several other advantages along with high scalability of the platform. Therefore, VoIP service providers can easily scale up their business as soon as they get more business opportunities. Likewise, even users of the calling cards can easily scale up the limit to make more calls and talk for longer minutes. This has dramatically added to the popularity of this communication solution.

4.5 High Security

Traditionally, the calling cards were considered one of the high risk VoIP solutions. However, this is not the case anymore! The modern day solutions to run a calling card business are protected from major threats. For example, a fraud detection and management system is part of this solution and it can detect unusual activities to block them and protect VoIP service providers from any reputation or financial losses. Likewise, this solution also saves customers from getting their accounts misused. Similarly, these solutions also accommodate encryption, PIN based access, and several other security features to protect clients from unauthorized access.

Concluding Notes

In conclusion, the number of international travelers has increased dramatically in the past few years. Of course, these travelers have been traveling worldwide, but the past few years have shown a great increase in global travelers. Be it students traveling abroad for studies and a better future or business professionals traveling to expand their businesses, the number of international travelers is increasing. Therefore, the need for reliable and cost effective communication tools is also increasing.

To meet their needs, the retail and wholesale VoIP providers have started offering the best calling cards, which are available to use to provide cheap long distance calling services. The software providers also make this platform easily and cost effectively available for providers.

ASTPP has one of the feature rich solutions that can be used to run prepaid, postpaid, or usage based calling card businesses. Moreover, this solution is highly scalable, reliable, and secure. Additionally, ASTPP provides competitive features that empower calling card service providers to work more efficiently and increase revenue generation opportunities. If you are interested in this calling card solution or want to take a free walkthrough demo, then contact us.