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Eiktel Inc. Consolidated Security and Made Business Future-Proof with the Best Calling Card Solution of ASTPP

ASTPP has proficiently provided Eiktel Inc. with a comprehensive calling card platform. This platform has a feature rich calling card solution along with an integrated billing system and enhanced security features. This solution deployment addressed the company’s need for a robust and secure platform, moving away from the limitations of A2Billing. Eiktel Inc. is a prominent US-based provider of telecommunications and managed IT solutions. The company has revolutionized its service offerings through the deployment of ASTPP’s cutting-edge calling card platform.  

ASTPP Calling Card Platform addressed the immediate concerns around security and Quality of Call (QoC). Moreover, it helped the company in achieving significant improvements in system performance, resource optimization, customer satisfaction, and overall scalability, marking a milestone in Eiktel’s pursuit of excellence in the telecom sector. Furthermore, the company is exploring ASTPP’s further VoIP solutions to add additional revenue channels and wide ranging offerings to deliver excellent telecommunication services to its varied client base, primarily located in the USA. 


Use Case

Implementation of ASTPP Calling Card Solution with Inbuilt VoIP Billing System & Advanced Security Features 


North America

United States



Communication Services & IT Managed Services

Eiktel Inc. is a foremost provider of telecommunication and IT managed services in the USA. The company specializes in offering a comprehensive range of services that cater to various telecommunications and IT needs of its clients in the USA. Their services encompass managed IT solutions, video surveillance, low voltage wiring, business phone systems, and many more. It aims to provide robust and efficient solutions for their clients. They highlight a commitment to no hidden fees, emphasizing transparency and reliability in their offerings, which are designed to work seamlessly across different platforms and devices and improve customer delight. 

The Challenges

Eiktel Inc. was using an Open Source Asterisk based solution, A2Billing, to offer calling card and international calling services. The platform lacks quality documentation, training, and technical support. The major drawback is increasing security threats. Additionally, the company used to face some major challenges in meeting the company’s vision of delivering outstanding services to clients. 

Growing security threats without enough protective measures were causing several challenges and draining resources.

Struggle in getting reliable technical support and accurate documentation from the open source platform community causing further technical challenges.

Call quality issues like packet loss and echo were common, which impacted service clarity and excellence.

Difficulty in scaling up due to Asterisk based and outdated platform.

Struggled with outdated software making it hard to profit and satisfy clients.

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