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Tailored ASTPP for Neurotech Telecom to Implement
Secure Prison Communication Ecosystem

ASTPP is delivered as a tailored smart telephony solution to Neurotech Telecom, which is one of the known communication and managed service provider companies based in Mexico. The delivered system consists of custom communication features to support the offering of scalable, secure, and accountable communication services in Prisons, rehab centers, and similar controlled environments. 


Use Case

Custom Smart Telephony Solution



North America



Telecommunication and MSP Services

Neurotech Telecom is one of the popular telecommunication and managed service providers based in Mexico. The company provides a wide range of communication services and tools to its diversified customers. 

Neurotech Telecom offers a wide range of services to meet different communication related services, including, but not limited to fixed telephony lines, internet services, and more.   

The specialized services and tools offered by Neurotech Telecom are for prisons, rehabilitation centers, and similar organizations, which require a robust, secure, and scalable telephony solution. Moreover, this telephony solution is easy to administer and centrally controlled by the authority. Furthermore, this solution is fully customized to meet regulations, compliances, and other conditions associated with the use of this communication solution due to the controlled environment of prisons, rehab centers, and similar organizations. 

The Challenges

The company had a conventional VoIP based communication solution to provide telephony services in prisons. However, this system had some major challenges to deal with the company. These challenges were making it difficult to make seamless adoption and operations of the communication system. 

Lack of real time billing system

Lack of features to add custom voice prompts for the recipients

Poor control over cost 

Lack of effective recharge features

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