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CSS Contributed to ASTPP Crowdfunding Campaign

  • February 18, 2019


The ASTPP Crowdfunding campaign has received contributions from different companies and independent experts in the VoIP industry. We had committed to reward the contributors in one way or another as a token of appreciation for their donation to this open source VoIP billing solution.

We are happy to share about one of the contributors in this featured article.

Creating Cloud Solution – CSS is one of the companies which chose to donate in the Platinum perk of the ASTPP Crowdfunding campaign and we are happy to show gratitude for their contribution towards the direction of empowerment of this open source FreeSWITCH Billing Software.

About Creating Cloud Solution (CCS) –

It is a Brazil based VoIP service provider company. CSS Brasil has started in 2017. They are specializes in Cloud Computing and has been offering its diversified VoIP services to businesses and residential users. The company offers various services and the top 3 of them are listed below:

  • VoIP Telephony services
  • Virtual PABX services
  • ERP cloud

The company has been using ASTPP: FreeSWITCH Billing Solution since 2017 to automate billing of their various VoIP services.

We are glad to share that they are happy with the advanced automation and billing features offered by the ASTPP: VoIP Billing Software.

We are thankful to Mr. Elton Bahia who contributed to the ASTPP Crowdfunding campaign and we wish all the success to Mr. Elton Bahia and CCS – Creating Cloud Solutions Company. ASTPP is delighted to share that along with this featured post the Creating Cloud Solutions company also receive some exciting rewards such as,

  1. Social media featured post
  2. Free support service worth 300 USD
  3. Digital press release distribution
  4. Featured mention in the crowdfunding contributor page on our site
  5. Priority bug fixing services
  6. Special mention in upcoming release of ASTPP: FreeSWITCH Billing Solution