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Experience the power of enterprise-grade solutions tailored to your business. Elevate your operations with our cutting-edge features and unmatched scalability. Unleash the power of the Enterprise edition and experience a new level of success!

Comprehensive IP Telephony Solutions with Added Offerings

ASTPP Enterprise Edition is an all-inclusive Smart Telephony Platform for VoIP service providers. It provides the most advanced and power packed class 4 Softswitch solution and FreeSWITCH based VoIP billing software as core solutions. Additionally, you get access to a wide range of add-ons that can be installed with a single click to add value added features and VoIP systems to your telephony platform. An intuitive GUI panel simplifies the use and management of all solutions and functionalities available within this platform.

Along with a high performance smart VoIP platform, you will also receive technical support from a team of highly experienced ASTPP developers. From the setup of the ASTPP enterprise edition to resolving your technical concerns, our ASTPP engineers will handle all technical aspects for you to keep you obtainable to push your core strengths and thrive at the fastest growth rate.

Top Reasons to Use ASTPP Enterprise Edition

Futuristic Features

Get access to a multifunctional and highly efficient telephony platform that can handle all conventional and non-conventional jobs. Never seen before and smart features make it stand out in the cohort of other VoIP solutions. Gain a competitive edge with this feature packed smart VoIP solution.

Extensive Range of Add-ons

With the enterprise edition of ASTPP, you get access to 26+ add-ons. Each of these add-ons has either a competitive feature, flexible functionality, or a complete VoIP solution to offer. Get a single sign on facility to run multiple VoIP businesses in multiple countries with the most advanced platform.

Augmented Performance

All performance related pain points of VoIP providers are resolved by ASTPP enterprise edition. It provides elevated performance and excellent quality even during the peak time and highly stressed volume of data and calls. It supports diverse business models to empower businesses to flourish and outperform competitors.

Exceptional Scalability

ASTPP enterprise edition is a highly scalable system with excellent failover and load balancing support. With any platform, it can provide astounding scalability to support the fastest growing VoIP businesses. You can easily scale up or down the capacity of the platform to enjoy high ROI with lower expenses.

Security and Compliance

All features and add-ons of this smart telephony platform are developed with a meticulous approach. Our research and development team has considered all major compliances and security threats to build a system that is highly secure to safeguard common VoIP threats and comply with legislation for flawless operations.

Flexible Integration and Customization

ASTPP is one of the most flexible VoIP platforms in the industry. It supports the integration of any third party solution, API, gateway, etc. to let businesses add their favorite tools to the software and enjoy using a holistic platform. It can be tailored to meet the custom needs of businesses. From theme to features, anything can be tailored in ASTPP.

ASTPP Enterprise Edition Offerings: Cover Your All Technical Needs Completely

Full Setup

Experienced VoIP engineers from the ASTPP team will set up and deploy the ASTPP enterprise edition for you to ensure all configurations are made with the utmost accuracy.

Migration to the latest ASTPP Version

Our team will handle data and system migration to migrate your existing ASTPP environment to the latest version of ASTPP to minimize the hassle and stress for you.

Professional Training

Receive group training to train your technical team to manage and use this smart telephony platform at its best from the ASTPP team that has built this smart platform.

Access to Enterprise Add-ons

Along with a host of community add-ons, get access to prevailing enterprise add-ons within your ASTPP platform to gain a competitive advantage to flourish your business.

Unlimited Upgrades

With the enterprise edition, get access to unlimited system and platform upgrades to always use the latest version of ASTPP and enjoy high performing and advanced features.

Unlimited Support

Don’t worry about any technical aspects as you open the door to using unlimited technical and customer support from the core team of ASTPP experts for your platform.

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What Customers Say


ASTPP is a popular open source VoIP billing solution that has been empowering VoIP businesses for many years. The enterprise edition of ASTPP has a host of value added offerings along with advanced features and add-ons. Professional training, unlimited platform access, technical support, and several other offerings of the platform make it irresistible for business owners.
ASTPP enterprise edition has a range of solution offerings. These offerings are segmented into two segments: a core solution and add-ons. The core solutions of ASTPP are class 4 Softswitch solution and VoIP billing system.

ASTPP enterprise edition gives access to 26+ community and enterprise add-ons. Multi tenant IP PBX, click to call, demand based routing, switch monitoring, shadow billing, support ticket, etc. are some of the most popular add-ons of the platform.

You can explore the list and brief of all add-ons, here.

ASTPP enterprise edition has a range of value added offerings in terms of competitive features and functionalities, which you cannot get with the community edition. Additionally, it gives access to the technical expertise of the core ASTPP community team. You can explore the complete difference between the ASTPP community and enterprise edition, here

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